Since the beginning of the large-scale Russian aggression, the Crimean collaborators and traitors have been “shaking in different directions”. We have already analyzed the situation with the real estate market and the flight of Russian “punitive staff” from the peninsula. With each subsequent aggressor’s failure of the on the fronts, fear and panic among the self-proclaimed “authority” of Crimea is growing rapidly.

On May 9, an event occurred that intensified panic in the occupied Crimea. At the time when Aksyonov and his company were “stormily celebrating Victory Day”, and Russian troops fired at the Odessa region from the Crimean waters, an event occurred across the ocean that greatly frightened the Crimean collaborators and forced the fake “administration” of the occupied peninsula to become more active.

We are talking about “Lend-Lease”, that is, a special law signed by US President Biden. The document provides for accelerated deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine by reducing bureaucratic procedures. At the present stage, this is a very significant support for the Ukrainian state, which will allow more active liberation of the occupied Ukrainian territories [1]. A month has passed since the relevant decisions, and therefore it is important to assess how the “Lend-Lease” was reacted to in the occupied Crimea.

The situation was investigated by the experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea

A week before May 9, Ukrainian intelligence recorded an increase in the activity of the enemy army on the occupied peninsula. It has become apparent that the Kremlin is forming reserve units to attempt to conduct hostilities in mainland southern Ukraine. Such actions of the aggressor were accompanied by an obstacle to the free movement of Crimean residents on the peninsula, which led to a humanitarian crisis [2].

The crisis is largely due to the destruction of logistics schemes for the supply of food and consumer goods to the peninsula.

It was also at this time that the self-proclaimed “authority” of the peninsula stepped up its criminal “expansion” in the occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. Thus, the Crimean collaborators are trying to criminally establish “technological processes of interaction with new regions” [3]. This is how the Kremlin propaganda calls interference in the affairs of an independent, sovereign state and the robbery of Ukrainian territories.

Russian curators want to criminally “take over” the occupied mainland territories precisely with the use of Crimean collaborators. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khusnullin speaks about this without even hiding. He criminally notes that thanks to the Crimea, Kherson allegedly “will forever remain in the Russian seed”. In turn, such criminal statements become instructions to Kherson collaborators. So recently Kirill Stemousov, the protégé of the aggressor in Kherson, criminally stated that by the end of the year the occupiers plan to “transfer the region to Russian legislation” [4].

However, after May 9, when it became known about the signing of the “Lend-Lease” by the President of the United States, the mood vector of the Crimean collaborators changed dramatically. This applies not only to the fake “authority”, which, in the event of the de-occupation of Crimea, will go to jail, but also to that part of the population that was loyal to the Kremlin and which primarily consists of the Russian colonizers of the occupied Crimea.

Within a month, such people began to leave the occupied peninsula. The informational effect of “Lend-Lease” was strengthened by his statements by the well-known Russian terrorist Girkin, who said that having received modern long-range weapons, the Ukrainians would definitely destroy the “Kerch Bridge” [5]. The first panic among collaborators and Russian colonialists is clearly demonstrated by correspondence in social networks.

In particular, the relevant persons write that the Ukrainians “will not forgive Russia for Bucha and Mariupol”. There is also rhetoric that Ukraine will not forgive the betrayal in 2014 and will use new weapons to de-occupy Crimea. Given this, in social networks, collaborators reflect on the fake “protection of Russia”, which it seems to be “should guarantee” [5].

Immediately striking is the logic of the collaborators, who, under the influence of Kremlin propaganda, for some reason believe that in response to Russia’s war crimes, Ukraine will also commit war crimes. In fact, this is not the case, since only guilty persons will appear before the court, who, by their actions, brought the Russian world closer, and now they are forcing the Crimean residents to go to war against Ukraine.

This is the normal position of a civilized European state, based on the principle of the rule of law. In Russia, on the contrary, they are used to relying on the right of force, and therefore Crimean collaborators and Russian colonists should not expect “protection” from it. In any case, Russia will leave the Crimean collaborators to their fate and “throw all the blame on them.”

Moreover, we note that “lend-lease” is not the most determining factor. The fact is that Crimean residents in their social networks note that Ukraine will de-occupy Crimea even without it, new weapons are only a factor in accelerating this process, a kind of carte blanche for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to available information, the number of pro-Russian Crimean residents who are now not against de-occupation is growing on the occupied peninsula. Even collaborators have already realized that the so-called special operation of the Kremlin will only push Ukraine into NATO and the European Union [6]. One thing to say here: better late than never.

It is very significant that those who praised Putin eight years ago began to understand the tragedy of the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula. Indeed, the support of the whole world is a much greater argument than the annual blurring of eyes at the “victory parades” and the promise of a “bright future” that never came. In this sense, Russian propaganda turned out to be powerless, because it gives residents only an illusion, and reality brings disappointment. It is a pity only for individual Crimean residents, once deceived, and now trying to escape the war.

According to available data, Crimean collaborators and colonialists, first of all, leave for the territory of Russia. Mostly they go to Krasnodar and other Russian cities, where at least there is a job and the opportunity to rent a house. The self-proclaimed “authority”, which the Kremlin ordered to imitate “carefree life in the resort region”, reacted to such panic moods quite expectedly and published a “directive” for “public sector workers” warning against moving by the “Kerch Bridge” [7].

It should be recognized that the information action of lend-lease also operates outside the occupied peninsula. The fact is that, according to experts, the “Crimean tourist season” may not take place this year, since many “Russian tourists” simply changed their minds illegally “going on vacation” to Crimea, including by rail and road. Probably, they also do not want to fall into the trap that the Kremlin has prepared with the hands of the Crimean collaborators, and plan to wait out the events “in a safe place.”

There are also a number of objective factors. At present, the occupiers have “established a ban” on illegal flights from Simferopol airport. Given the restriction of traffic by the “Kerch Bridge”, it will be difficult for “tourists” to get to the peninsula [8]. Characteristically, the fake “head of Crimea” Aksyonov said that an increase in the number of patients with coronavirus is planned in June. Most likely, such statements are an attempt to justify the lack of a “tourist season” with actic restrictions.

In parallel with this, the panic is intensified by the statements of the Ukrainian military, noting that the war will end where it began, that is, in the Crimea. To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine daily prove this thesis with their steadfastness and success.

As for the Crimean collaborators, they are trying in every possible way to demonstrate “strength and power” without success. In particular, in his statements, the self-proclaimed “head” of Crimea Aksyonov notes that the weapons supplied by the West of Ukraine will eventually “end up in the hands of the Russian army as a trophy” [9].

He also copied the Kremlin’s narratives that the provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine is supposedly “aiding”, and the United States “is on the wrong side of history” [10]. It seems that such statements by Aksyonov are radically opposite. For example, if the Russian army is “so strong” and allegedly “could easily get hold of American weapons,” then why talk about “complicity” with the United States. It is also not clear what “sides of history” the main Crimean collaborator is talking about – about the history of democracy and development, or about the history of terror and chaos?

For Aksyonov, the “correct story” is probably statements about “establishing economic ties with the Kherson region” in the form of a total robbery of the region, terror, deprivation of citizens of their earnings and businesses, and the forced export of grain and food in order to meet the needs of the Crimeans [11]. Political analysts explain such statements by Aksyonov as a banal fear that the Russian army will be forced to retreat from the occupied Crimea. Fear causes Aksyonov’s bravado, behind which there is only uncertainty and the feeling that the Kremlin curators “might not help” [12]. In this case, Crimean collaborators will face trial for international crimes – covert criminal “mobilization”, illegal deportation and torture of Ukrainians in Crimea.

In addition to the fake “authority” of the self-proclaimed Crimea, the Crimean residents were seriously frightened, who, after the occupation, criminally switched to the Russian “army” and punitive structures. The latter are also well aware of their guilt for carrying out criminal instructions, in particular with regard to repression and persecution, torture and other violations of human rights.

By the way, it is the Crimean fake “law enforcement officers” who are already starting to talk about a “settlement agreement” in order to “appease Ukraine” and avoid punishment for their crimes. They appeal to the fact that they generally “do not care where to live”, and when the Ukrainian government returns to the peninsula, then so be it [13]. A very interesting position, and it shows how the Crimean collaborators are opportunists.

However, in order to “reduce the degree of panic”, the occupiers stepped up propaganda. It became known that the fake “Crimean speaker” Konstantinov brought the criminal “general line of information policy” to the Crimean media controlled by the aggressor. It lies in the fact that Ukraine is allegedly “a state created by the Nazis”, and everyone who considers himself a Ukrainian “is a Nazi”. According to such a “line”, the Crimean press is obliged by the aggressor to criminally cover the “total cleansing of society” in the occupied south of mainland Ukraine [14].

Experts suggest considering these criminal statements through the prism of the Kremlin’s policy, and also taking into account the fact that Konstantinov was very afraid of Ukraine’s international support, which could significantly speed up the de-occupation of Crimea [14]. It is worth adding that Konstantinov, like other Crimean collaborators, most likely at a certain stage believed in the mantra of Russian propaganda about the alleged “finality” of Russia’s arrival on the peninsula.

However, recent facts and events have cast doubt on the invincibility of the Russian army. A new confirmation of the fears of the Crimean collaborators was the deployment of two additional “S-400” anti-aircraft missile divisions in the northwestern part of the occupied peninsula, as Russian propaganda wrote. Also, the aggressor’s propagandists constantly cover the criminal missile strikes by the invaders on mainland Ukraine from the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

It was stated that this was “a means of isolating areas of combat operations,” although in reality it could be a step to reduce the level of panic among collaborators in the occupied Crimea. Note that there are sufficient grounds for such emotions.

In particular, “Lend-Lease” activated the partisan movement in the occupied Crimea. For example, the Telegram channel “Crimea – the land of partisan glory” was opened, actively using the Internet to combat Kremlin fakes and truthful coverage of the war. To combat the partisan movement, the Kremlin even sent punishers from the Rostov region to the peninsula, who “should resist pro-Ukrainian actions” [16].

At that time, the families of the occupying soldiers living in Crimea had already begun to receive leaflets with the following content: “ Russian military, do know – we are already here. Crimea is Ukraine” [17]. There are more and more such actions, as Crimean collaborators find such leaflets and stickers on the windshield of their cars [18]. The scale of these actions is impressive, because on the night of May 16, a pro-Ukrainian Crimean poured yellow-blue paint over the building of the occupation administration in Evpatoria [19].

After the opening of “Lend-Lease”, Ukrainian intelligence published statements about the mandatory de-occupation of Crimea, which also did not pass by the Crimean collaborators. According to these statements, by the end of the year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can completely liberate the territory of the state and reach the borders of the state border [20].

In turn, the position of the authorities inspires the defenders of Ukraine, among whom there are Crimean residents who are devoted to their Motherland. Like no one else, they are waiting for the de-occupation of the peninsula. For example, the Crimean Tatar fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilimdar Khodzhametov, who has defended Ukraine since the first days of the war, said that the first thing he would do in Crimea would be to kiss his native land.

Consequently, the opening of Lend-Lease for Ukraine affected the occupied Crimea and the impact was quite different.

For the pro-Ukrainian Crimeans, it became evidence of an imminent de-occupation, which will allow them to throw off the aggressor, who for eight years plundered and destroyed the peninsula, turning it into a continuous military base. These citizens straightened their shoulders and began not just to observe, but to actively act.

Even ordinary actions and the dissemination of truthful information cause significant damage to the aggressor. For Ukraine, this is a small but very important victory.

The self-proclaimed “authority” of Crimea and other collaborators and traitors who “welcomed” Putin in 2014 realized that there would always be a price to pay for any actions. They began to panic, which discredited the Kremlin and showed their real nature.

In response, they received from Russia only neglect and total control, because the Kremlin is used to being blindly obeyed.

That is, we can talk about a significant political, psychological and ideological effect from “Lend-Lease”. In other words, due to the political support received from the civilized world, Ukraine forced Russia to recognize the reality of the de-occupation of Crimea, thereby activating the Ukrainian self-awareness of the Crimeans and faith in the victory of Ukraine.