Since 2020, our Association has been investigating the Russian invaders’ illegal usage of equipment of the National Space Agency of Ukraine in Crimea, including the “RT-70” radio-telescope, located in the Saksky district, and occupiers’ illegal attempts to involve it in “Roscosmos” international projects.

We have already written about the Russians’ attempts to criminally involve these capacities in the interstate project of the Spectrum-X-Gamma astrophysical laboratory (“Spectrum-RG” project), which studies the universe in the X-ray range.

Project was to be carried out jointly by “Roscosmos”, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and NASA, and at some point Russian invaders tried to hide the Crimean “RT-70” participation in the project, but our Association published irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

The project could lead to the formation of new systems in the geolocation series, focusing on X-rays of stars, which would inevitably be used by all types of Russian troops, including hypersonic missiles, and it was exactly this need that “Roscosmos” actually implemented it for.

In March 2022, our Association formally and reasonably appealed to NASA and all European authorized agencies, including government and research institutions such as the DLR, to stop any cooperation in space with all Russian structures, describing the invaders’ illegal use of the Crimean space infrastructure in our submissions.

Later, the space agencies of the United States, Canada and the European Union denied “Roscosmos” chairman Rogozin his ultimate demand to lift sanctions on the Russian space industry, started after Russia’s broad aggression against Ukraine.

At present, the German Aerospace Center, to which our Association has repeatedly appealed, has finally taken practical measures to shut down its “eROSITA” telescope, as one of the two objects of the German-Russian orbital orbiter “Spectrum-RG”, which is currently in space now.

It is noteworthy that initially, on June 3, DLR asked “Roscosmos” to turn off the telescope voluntarily; after it the head of “Roscosmos” infamous Dmitry Rogozin “instructed” own stuff illegally “to restore the German telescope” and to “correct the Germans’ mistake”.

Russian propaganda acknowledged that Germany had shut down “eROSITA” precisely by own decision, and exactly because of the war in Ukraine, but agressors said that “Russian scientists know how it works”.

But so far neither Rogozin’s instructions nor the Russian specialists’ “secret knowledges” were enough and the German radio telescope is off now. So “Roscosmos” says that the aggressor’s attempts to unblock the telescope by force, contrary to its owners’ position, will take “a month and a half”.

As a result, the Russian aggressors will receive neither efficient equipment nor the opportunity to continue any way of cooperation in the field of space research with all civilized nations of the world.

ARC’s Study, 2021 on these “adventures” of the Crimean space infrastructure is available at the link

The events of spring 2022 are additionally covered in our publication