Our Association has already defined the campaign of unlawful “issuance of Russian passports” launched by the occupiers in Kherson and Melitopol as, first of all, propaganda. It was noted that, hypothetically, years are needed for the criminal “issuance of passports” for the majority of the population remaining in the occupied territories of the mainland south of Ukraine, which, of course, the invaders do not have.

Therefore, the Russian occupiers and their puppets are left to “lie and smile”; for example, in Melitopol, they stated that in the Zaporizhzhya Region, “more than 70 thousand people” allegedly filed an “application for Russian citizenship”.

At the same time, the only place for “reception of those who wish passport” is Melitopol itself with a “pre-war” population of 150 thousand people, a significant part of whom left.

If you “believe” these fantasies of the occupiers, it turns out that every day since the beginning of the “issuance” of passports in a single “reception center”, they allegedly “processed five to seven thousand applications” and they were allegedly “filed by almost all residents of the town who remained in the occupation”.

Of course, this has nothing to do with reality.

In Kherson, the collaborators decided to lie “more modestly” and announced an “appeal about a passport” allegedly from 4 thousand people, of which 1,800 allegedly “received a consultation”, and in general, during the “first week of work”, the invaders allegedly worked out “400 packages for passports”.

Consequently, the “speed” of this criminal mechanism, even if we “believe” the aggressor, is fifty-eighty people a day, and therefore, taking into account half a million residents of the Kherson region who did not leave the occupied territory, readers themselves can calculate how much time the Russian invaders need to implement this scam hypothetically.

Of course, both in Melitopol and Kherson, the invaders promise to “expand the network” of issuing “passports”, but at the same time, the aggressor faced another “characteristic problem”.

Now the occupiers are guided by the criminal “Putin’s decree” on issuing passports to residents of “Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions”, but a significant part of the population of the occupied territory has passports in the form of an ID card, which does not indicate the registration of a citizen, so the occupiers can only “take a person’s word”.

Since the Ukrainian registries for the occupiers are now obviously inaccessible.

That is why collaborator Volodymyr Saldo now criminally declared that “residents of all Ukraine, regardless of the place of registration, will be able to apply for a Russian passport in the Kherson region,” since the Russian invaders cannot check exactly where “those who want to get a passport” live.

Let us recall that several years before the large-scale Russian invasion, certain “authoritative human rights activists” with different statuses and sources of income consistently opposed the transfer of Ukrainian citizens from old-style passports to ID cards, in particular in the dimension of “preserving the procedure for regluing photos”.

These “human rights defenders”, by a “strange coincidence”, were especially active in the Kherson region.