As has been repeatedly reported, the Russian occupiers are not yet able to even simulate the “holiday season” in Crimea, which is so necessary for them in the propaganda dimension. Today, information was released that the main Russian airlines “resigned themselves to the inevitable” and they cancel all illegal flights to Crimea until the end of September.

It is noteworthy that, as even the Russian media point out, the real reason for the “closing of the sky” over the Crimea was not “risks from Ukrainian air defense”, but convenience for the military aggressor, who criminally bombard mainland Ukraine with missiles flying over the peninsula from the Caspian Sea.

From Crimea, the number of “Russian tourists” is reported now at about 30% of last year’s figures. Of course, there is no doubt that in the future the aggressor’s propaganda will talk about “millions of happy Russians” who “recovered their health on the peninsula” next to Russian military equipment.

After all, already today the minister of Russian aggression Sergei Shoigu announced the “opening of road communication” from Russia to the Crimea through the occupied south of Ukraine’s mainland and about “conditions for the resumption of railway traffic” through the aggressor-occupied territories.

At the same time, the only “mainland” invaders-controlled road to Crimea through Mariupol and Melitopol passes, according to open sources, on average 60-70 kilometers from the front line, and the railway communication through Rozovka and Tokmak is in direct proximity to the front. Consequently, in this way, the aggressor will only move the cannon fodder of Mr. Shoigu’s “vacationers” to Crimea.

In Crimea itself, the fake “head” Sergey Aksyonov, according to reports from his media servants in Simferopol and in the State Duma, “spends all his time taking care of the front and rear,” but so far this PR has not led to the Kremlin giving him a full-fledged “label” for Kherson and Melitopol, which is what his team dreams about.

Therefore, Aksyonov remains to “master” the available resources. As an example, the occupiers gave the long-suffering “tender” for the “reconstruction” in Yevpatoriya of the “Tereshkova embankment” to the “Interstroy” corporation of the clan of Konstantin and Yevgen Kabanov, Aksyonov’s old “business partners” from Sevastopol.

In 2021, the fake “Deputy Prime Minister” Kabanov even spent a long time in captivity due to the struggle of Russian special services influence groups for control over financial flows in the Crimea, but now it seems that “everything is in order” in the “family business”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the cost of the project has doubled, to 1.7 billion rubles, and the term for the development of the “quay” is promised for 2025, apparently according to the old saying about donkey and padishah.