Recently, the fake “head of the administration” of the Russian invaders in Kherson Volodimir Saldo, appointed by aggressor in the role of “talking head”, told Russian propaganda about the “thoughtlessness” of European Union sanctions against him, as he allegedly “has no property or accounts”.

At the same time, following the Kremlin’s instructions, Saldo frightens Kherson residents by launching a “CSTO peacekeeping contingent” into the region. In fact, the countries of this association of “Russian satellites” have no desire to send their own citizens to die in Ukraine, although they do not hinder the Russia’s recruitment of mercenaries; so some citizens of Belarus were really noticed in the Zaporizhzhya region on the invaders’ side.

It is noteworthy that Saldo obviously did not understand his task and generally has little idea of the “peacekeepers’ status”, as he began to offer them the “protection of public order” and securing the “public cultural events”.

However, returning to the allegedly “thoughtless sanctions” against the Saldo, it should be noted that not everything is so simple.

After all, the Saldo business clan actually has the corresponding “European investment”, which is massively made through the daughter of the fake “governor” Irina Saldo, who lives in France near Nice and positions herself as a “businesswoman buying and reselling or renting luxury apartments”.

The fact that Irina Saldo offers “meditation and energy practice services” on social networks under the pseudonym “Diadem Luir” (“Диадема Луир”) does not mean that she is a regular escort for 375 euros per hour. After all, it is through her that Volodymyr Saldo is currently “legalizing” the funds stolen by him in the occupied Kherson region, as well as the fees from his Moscow owners by buying real estate.

It is noteworthy that Irina Saldo’s father “wrote off” shares in “Khersonbud” before 2022. She is also associated with a number of companies with long criminal proceedings, such as “Dnipro Trading Company” or “Ci Deco”, as well as Kherson companies “Konka” and “Bebko-Auto”.

It is also worth mentioning the two apartments of the Saldo family in Kyiv, their apartments in Odessa in the complex “New Arcadia”, as well as apartments in the Yalta complexes “Consol” in the village of Voskhod and “Rent Plaza”. In addition, Irina’s mother, Lyubov Saldo, owns shares in the “Kashtan” company from Korostyshiv and in the “Zhytomyr Granite” concern together with Russian citizens.

So, in fact, the Saldo clan, which is currently profiting from the death and grief of ordinary Kherson residents, has something to lose and it is obvious that it will lose it.