From the beginning of the large-scale aggression against Ukraine, Russian propaganda began to disseminate statements about the “withdrawal of Russian higher education” from “imposed European values”.

This was accompanied by the decision of the Russian government to “recognize” Russian diplomas of higher education by the authorities of the aggressor without interaction with the issuing state, and Ukrainian diplomas “according to a simplified procedure.”

However, the expected “return of educated Russians to their homeland” did not happen, and higher education, as a rule, is not needed for the role, that the aggressor criminally assigns to the forcibly deported citizens of Ukraine.

Later, Russian aggressor came up with a new propaganda campaign, namely “withdrawal from the Bologna process”. It should be pointed out that Russian educational institutions have always used the European model of certification only formally, with the practical goal of recognizing their diplomas as “reciprocal” civilized states of the world.

Now, this “imitation of civilization” is recognized as inexpedient, for which the aggressor, in the best traditions of totalitarianism, seeks to frame the break with European standards of education as an alleged requirement of the universities themselves.

This campaign did not bypass the occupied Crimea, for which it looked especially tragicomic. After all, any academic cooperation and student mobility, which are the goals of the Bologna process, stopped back in 2014 for the Crimean “universities”.

Despite this, the fake “authority” held a corresponding “meeting of teachers”, the abstracts of the participants of which vividly reflect the essence of the so-called “higher education of Crimea”.

In particular, the so-called “First vice-rector of the Crimean engineering and pedagogical university” Anzhelika Luchinkina admitted the “shortage of personnel” for two thousand people only for secondary school teachers in the ninth year of the implementation of “the best Russian education in the world” in the Crimea.

It is noteworthy that the so-called “vice-rector of the Crimean Federal University” Vladimir Kuryanov admitted that the fake “universities”, created by the Russian occupiers, “have neither proper traditions nor qualified teaching staff”, which allegedly creates an “overabundance” of “the same specialists” .

It is noteworthy that Mr. Kuryanov, the former secretary of the communist party committee of Simferopol State University, whose rapid “career” began on the eve of the Russian occupation of the peninsula, sees the problem, first of all, in the weakness of the “patriotic education” of “students”.

He admitted that only every tenth student of the fake Russia-controlled “university” takes part in all kinds of propaganda and “educational” activities of his administration and offers to open another “scientific and methodological center” to “strengthen patriotism”.

The point here is a significant increase in the Kremlin’s spending on propaganda among students, since from 2014 to 2020 the aggressor spent 2 billion rubles on relevant projects, and in 2022 the costs of brainwashing were expected to increase several times. Of course, there are enough collaborators who want to “connect” to such an attractive “manger”.

However, representatives of the occupiers’ “administration” believe that “students” should not only listen to propaganda, but also “work for victory”.

So, the fake “deputy of the state council of the peninsula” Sergey Dodonov, stating “non-participation of students in social actions”, suggested that “the entire fourth year the student should work in production”, as well as “mandatory work for three years after graduation”.

With this invaders’ approach to the “organization of higher education”, the statements of the fake “Speaker of Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov about the alleged need to stop learning English in the Crimea look not so much insanity as an attempt to “guess the desire” of the Kremlin.

In the development of these statements, Konstantinov’s subordinates quickly mastered the next “republican grant” for the production of a “dictionary for the replacement of foreign words”, which will be distributed at the next propaganda “Great Russian word” “festival”.

Indeed, as the invaders’ propaganda cynically declares, “today, together with our soldiers, they go into battle … Pushkin and Tolstoy, Lermontov and Dostoevsky, Sholokhov and Tvardovsky” It is noteworthy that the Russian invaders do not hide the fact that it is precisely this “simplification of higher education” as a tool of the “Russian world” that they plan to impose by force on the occupied territories of the mainland south of Ukraine.