As already reported, the Russian invaders jam Ukrainian mobile communications in the areas of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, occupied by them and offer there cards of a “Russian mobile operator”.

At the same time, in the conditions of an information vacuum, Russian invaders created an artificial “hype” around these “gray mobile cards”, the cost of which from intermediaries on the “black market”, without rewriting the buyer’s passport data by the invaders, reaches 1,500 hryvnias. At the same time, the “cost of a minute of a call” is up to 20 hryvnias, the Internet on “gray cards” is supported only in the 4G network and with the blocking of most Ukrainian sites.

Therefore, the Russian invaders plan to “not stop there” and illegally introduce “the services of two more Russian operators” in the occupied regions, in July and August, but due to the situation at the front, it becomes too optimistic on their part.

Also, between the Crimean collaborators and their Kherson colleagues, directly controlled by the Russian military, an undercover struggle continues for the opportunity to “issue Russian passports”.

When the aggressor decided to start this criminal process, the Simferopol fake “government” immediately announced the prospect of “issuing passports in Crimea”, but in fact the Russian invaders decided to carry out this propaganda action in Kherson, in the premises of the Ukrainian profile service center “Document”, which they seized.

However, arithmetic proves that even with the rate of provision of 80 “passports” per day declared on the day of the “start of issuance”, the occupiers theoretically “could issue” “ausweisses” for the majority of the population remaining in the occupied territories of the Kherson region over …the next ten years. But, of course, the aggressor’s real “planning horizon” is measured in weeks at best.

Therefore, now the fake “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov criminally declares about the equipment on the peninsula of “special points for receiving and processing documents” for “issuing Russian passports to Kherson residents”, and the puppet of Russian invaders Vladimir Saldo in Kherson criminally promises to “accept documents for obtaining Russian citizenship” in “humanitarian centers and district departments” of the so-called “police”.

Obviously, with such a scheme, fake “documents” will be “drawn up” by the aggressor precisely in the occupied Crimea, which is what the Simferopol collaborators wanted.