Yesterday, a photo was posted on social networks of at least two ships that were loaded with grain at a terminal in Russia-occupied Sevastopol. At the same time with massively transferring grain, stolen in mainland Ukraine, to the Crimea, the aggressor intensified attacks on the relevant industry for the transportation of agricultural products.

For example, from June 4 to June 5, according to reports by the Ukrainian authorities, Russian invaders fired rockets at the port facilities in Mykolayv, intended for transshipment of grain. The aggressor also fired rockets at a Kyiv repair plant specializing in the repair of grain wagons.

It is noteworthy that the aggressor state, seeking to destroy the relevant industry of mainland Ukraine, is not able to repair agricultural equipment in the occupied Crimea.

In particular, the “Simferopolselmash” enterprise is now demanding 200 million rubles from the “government of Crimea” controlled by the aggressor only in the “first tranche” in order to “begin to establish components for agricultural machinery of European manufacturers” there.

It is noteworthy that even the occupiers have not yet decided to “support their native producer”, since they are well aware of the meager chances of the effectiveness of such “import substitution”.