Despite the constant attempts of Russian propaganda to demonstrate the “happy life” of the Crimean residents and their alleged “support” for aggression against Ukraine, the reality is becoming increasingly difficult to hide.

As Aleksey Mikhailovsky, the fake “Head of the administration of the Chernomorsky District”, said on this issue “at the opening of the holiday season” yesterday, “we have permanently either diarrhea or scrofula” After all, the population understands the disappointing socio-economic prospects of the Russia-occupied region, which concern everyone personally.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in Yevpatoria, on the one hand, an attempt was made yesterday to set fire to a car with the symbols of Russian Nazis, and on the other hand, as part of the “free distribution of ice cream” organized by Russian propagandists during the “Children’s Day celebration”, crowds and fights took place.

Residents of Western Crimea are also “rejoicing” at the promises of the invaders to “build new roads” and “a new town for fifty thousand people”, because they see that the roads are being laid to Russian military bases, and the locals are pouring up to the “field camps” of the invaders’ troops, which are now full of coastal zone.

In this context, at the word-of-mouth level, a new “promising property” of the “business empire” of the fake “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov is sarcastically discussed, namely the “Poltava-Krym” sanatorium, located by the sea in the Saksky District, for control over which some collaborators’ clans fought for a long time.

The invaders also continued this year the scam with the “recovery of the children of Donbass” in Peschane village, where money laundering continues for the placement of minors from the families of the occupational “administration” and “commanders” of criminal armed groups.

In order to launder “republican funds” through the “republican enterprise” “Solnechnaya Tavrika”, the collaborators annually use the children’s institution “Dolphin” of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Ukrgeofizika”, which they criminally seized in 2014, that is constantly accompanied by all kinds of scandals.

In such conditions of a “busy holiday season” against the backdrop of large-scale Russian aggression, it is not surprising that the invaders announced the “transfer” of their propaganda festival “Koktebel Jazz Party” for an indefinite period due to “security risks”.