For two weeks now, various sources have been reporting that allegedly Russian invaders are planning to declare the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) Oleksandr Yakymenko as a fake criminal “head of the power bloc” in Russia-occupied Kherson.

This person is quite colorful, because in addition to criminal proceedings from the Ukrainian authorities, Yakymenko is traditionally accused by adherents of the “Russian world” that he allegedly “slept through the Maidan” in 2014. Therefore, it is necessary to understand in more detail the life path of this person, in particular, closely connected with the Crimea.

Olexandr Yakymenko is a military pilot by profession and in 1991-1998 he served in the military unit of the Black Sea Fleet of “dual subordination”, Russia and Ukraine, in the Crimean village of Hvardeyske. But after the division of the Fleet, Yakimenko allegedly “retired” from the army and began to actively “do business” and at the same time he allegedly held “operational positions” in the SSU since 1999.

At the same time, from 2007 to 2010, Yakimenko “lit up” as an employee of the “internal security” concern “Interregional Industrial Union”, the beneficiary of which is Rinat Akhmetov. However, the media write that during pointed period Viktor Yanukovych directly had a share in the concern.

It is noteworthy that the concern, which is still the most powerful private operator of freight rail transportation in Ukraine, also includes the Kerch Rifle Plant, which in 2015 the so-called “Crimean authorities” refused to “nationalize”, stating that its owners ostensibly “go on cooperation”. However, in 2017, the collaborators nevertheless criminally “nationalized” the enterprise, after which they began to master “orders” from the Russian railway for more than 700 million rubles.

Returning to Mr. Yakymenko, it should be noted that under the rule of Viktor Yanukovych, he went on a “career growth” and in 2010-2011 headed the SSU Cuty Department in Sevastopol, from where he was transferred to head a similar regional SSU structure in Donetsk, and later, in January 2013, he became the Head of the SSU. Media associate this appointment with the patronage of Olexandr Yanukovych, who thereby sought to gain maximum control over financial and trade flows in Ukraine.

It is characteristic that even Russian propagandists in 2018 called Yakymenko from the time of his work in Sevastopol as allegedly “Donetsk men”, who primarily oversaw “material issues, in particular land issues”, and who in his work was “guided by the principle do not interfere” and “did not climb”.

Also, the same invaders’ propagandists reported that from February 22 to 24, 2014, Yakymenko arrived in Sevastopol, where he allegedly met with the heads of the Russian special services and with the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, collaborator Pavel Lebedev, after which he hid for a long time with Lebedev in his infamous hotel “Aquamarine”.

Thus, Yakymenko is a typical puppet of the Russian special services, most likely – of the aggressor’s military intelligence, and he never showed any “talents” in the “security sphere”.

If the Russian invaders really use him as their criminal accomplice in occupied Kherson, then most likely he will obediently carry out the tasks of illegally “redistributing” the tasty powerful business in the region in favor of the beneficiaries, determined by the Kremlin.

At the same time, the role of Yakymenko’s connections in the aggressor’s occupation of Kherson certainly requires an assessment by the authorized bodies of Ukraine.