Currently, Russian propaganda is massively spreading “news” about the Norwegian citizen Hendrik Weber, who has been actively used by Russian special services since 2014 in promoting the illegal “Crimean agenda” and recently received the Russia’s order of “Friendship of Peoples” from Putin.

After 2014, Weber repeatedly illegally visited the occupied Crimea and the Ukrainian regions of Donbass controlled by Russian forces. He has been a key participant in a number of Russia’s propaganda events, such as the “conference” hosted by the Russian embassy in Norway “Crimea in a geopolitical perspective” and he is a key figure in the Russian-controlled fake organization “People’s Diplomacy – Norway”.

Weber presents himself as allegedly a “journalist” and “author of books”, written according to the Kremlin’s narratives, so the aggressor’s attention to his character is not surprising. Of course, he can only make criminal statements “on his own behalf”, as Norwegian officials have repeatedly stated.

Of course, the Kremlin’s attention “at least to some Norwegian”, with the general small aggressor’s influence on the policy of this European country, looks tragicomic.

At the same time, it should be recalled that in 2019 Weber was elected as a local deputy from the “Rødt” (“Red”) party to the sonnet of the municipality of Alver, located in Vestland, one of the western regions of Norway.

The Russian intelligence servicesє attention to this area is not accidental, since near the Alver commune is Voss town, where the Norwegian military camp is located, which in recent years has been a winter training center for NATO allies, and where the corresponding airport is located.

The “Rødt” party is a leftist Maoist political force and has long been marginalized. At the same time, in 2017 the party received one deputy in the Norwegian parliament, and in 2021 there are already eight such deputies from “Rødt”.

After the scandals with Weber, he was expelled from this party and now “Rødt” and its leader Bjørnar Moxnes have condemned the Russian aggression as a war of conquest and are proposing that Norway issue an “international warrant to arrest Putin and punish him for the war”. This position is typical, because the obvious main sponsors of the “Rødt” are now not in Moscow, but in Beijing.

At the same time, the Russian special services’ direct agents of the, such as Weber, are of interest to Russians not so much in the “Crimean dimension”.

The main goal of the aggressor in Norway is not only to oppose NATO, but also to influence the government of this country on the Svalbard issue and in measuring the activities of the Arctic Council. In addition, the Russians are interested in destabilizing the Norwegian oil industry, and in these areas the interests of the Kremlin and “Rødt” sponsors may be very close.

The future will show how the implementation of the interests of communist China and Moscow in Norway will resemble a “bear fight in a china shop” and how the Norwegian special services will react to this.