Yesterday in the Sevastopol media a statement was circulated by the invaders’ “administration” about the closure of the Ushakova Balka beach for visiting and the restriction of access at night to the Khrustalny beach.

These facilities were actually blocked for access by citizens in the spring, and for a long time the “ban” was explained by the “bad epidemiological situation”. However, yesterday the pseudo-“governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev admitted that the “ban” is connected precisely with the “special operation” in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the Russian occupiers admitted the truth after a local entrepreneur, who was losing his “summer income”, broke through the blocked entrance to the beach.

Both beaches are located on the southern side of the main Sevastopol Bay, most of the territory of which is “regime” one and their overlap means that the aggressor is afraid of surface or underwater sabotage against the ships of the invaders’ Black Sea Fleet.

It is also worth adding that yesterday the occupiers brought to Sevastopol on a floating crane two boats of the “Raptor” type in a significantly damaged form, which were sunk under the blows of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Snake (Zmiiny) Island, and were raised by the occupiers from the sea bottom.

It should be noted that last week two invaders’ “Su” aircraft did not return to the base of the Black Sea Fleet aviation in Novofedorivka, one of which was shot down over the sea, and the other, probably in the Kherson region; both crew are reported to have died.

Thus, the bases of the Black Sea Fleet in the occupied Crimea remain front-line, with corresponding consequences, and the leadership of the aggressor understands this.