For several days, Russian propaganda has been spreading rumors that a “forum” “Dialogue of Cultures: Russia-Balkans” has been held in Crimea with the participation of “representatives of the Balkan countries”. Collaborators declare the participation in the “forum” of “representatives of Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro” and quote their statements in the spirit of “Greater Russia”.

However, in fact, this “forum”, which, of course, was “visited” by key Crimean collaborators, including “bosses of state council” Volodimir Konstantinov and Yukhim Fix, and “official Crimean Bulgarian” Ivan Abazher, gathered only students and graduate students of Moscow universities who have citizenship of relevant Balkan states.

For the second time, another Russian “presidential grant” has sponsored this “forum”, which is being held under a similar scenario.

However, the organizers and participants of the “forum” were ashamed to mention last year’s promises of the same Ivan Abager, who in November 2021 announced the arrival of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev at the “forum” and its event in Sofia and Plovdiv, ending in Crimea on May 24 in Chersonesos. And only Russia-occupied Chersonesos left in reality this year.  

It will be recalled that the real reasons for President Radev’s “Russophilia” were investigated by our Association in 2021, and these publications, with relevant irrefutable evidences, probably found grateful readers in Sofia and Brussels. So neither Dr. Radev visited Crimea nor did collaborant Abager visit Sofia in 2022.

Well, while Crimean collaborators entertain Serbian and Bulgarian graduate students at the expense of a fake “state council”, the “students” of the peninsula have more pressing issues and problems.

It is reported that in Sevastopol, invaders-controlled “educational institutions”, such as the “Shipbuilding College”, are accelerating the “end of the school year” in order to enable the occupiers’ “military enlistment offices” to immediately “mobilize” their “graduates”. Not surprisingly that due to a “strange coincidence”, on the night of May 30, an attempt was made to set fire to the occupiers’ district “military enlistment office” in Simferopol.