As it was previously reported, the criminal “military-civil administration”, proclaimed by the Russian invaders in Kherson, is fake, as the possibility of its “drivers” to influence the situation in the occupied territories is minimal. Even occupiers’ attempts to “interact with teachers” or to hold “social events” allegedly on behalf of this structure have failed, as we have already written.

In fact, the fake “administration” serves as a purely propaganda structure, announcing certain criminal plans and intentions of the occupiers and the narratives they have invented. For example, the Russian invaders recently held through the criminal “administration” a thesis about the aggressor’s intentions to commit a criminal attempted annexation of Kherson “at the end of 2022”.

Also in recent days, public reports of the criminal “military-civil administration” about various campaigns of the occupiers end with a new Nazi slogan “Kherson was, is and will be Russian”.

In fact, the aggressor’s propaganda, addressing to “Russian” in its ethnic sence not only resembles Hitler’s classic slogan about “Germany for the Germans”. We will remind that according to censuses and statistical materials the share of ethnic Ukrainians in the population of Kherson makes not less than 70%.

Thus, the occupiers are announcing ethnic cleansing and deportations in the Kherson region, which they plan to complete by the end of the year. Earlier, Ukrainian authorities said that a significant part of the population had left the region due to the Russian occupation. Now the aggressor apparently hopes that his terrorist regime in Kherson will change the proportion of the ethnic composition of the occupied territory even more, which follows directly from his current invaders’ Nazi slogans.

In recent days, Russian invaders have transferred a significant number of tanks from the Crimea to the Kherson region, including obsolete ones, apparently for the construction of “fortified areas”, as well as deployed “Iskender” missile systems and strengthened air defense.

In addition, it is reported that representatives of Russian special services and technical structures have arrived in Kherson from the Crimea to prepare for the “issuance of Russian passports” in the city.