In the context of the war, the essence of the Crimean collaborators becomes obvious, who betrayed Ukraine eight years ago and went over to the side of the occupiers.

Today, their public “position” has not only not changed, but has become more cynical and openly anti-Ukrainian.

Feeling a certain impunity and relying on the assurances of the Kremlin, the self-proclaimed “authorities” of Crimea began to actively discuss “geopolitical issues”, in particular, to make criminal assumptions about the “further fate” of the territories of Ukraine, which Russia has temporarily occupied since the beginning of the war.

In these discussions, of course, the collaborators do not forget about their “baited place” in the process of the criminal “redistribution” of the captured Ukrainian cities and regions.

Moreover, over the past month, such controversy has significantly intensified and moved to the “practical plane”, that is, the Crimean collaborators, in addition to statements, began to take certain steps to implement their criminal “plans”.

This mainly concerns Kherson and certain territories of the Zaporozhye region, which since the beginning of the war came under enemy fire.

For Ukraine, this is a fairly clear signal, since the authorities should think not only about the issue of the liberation of the occupied territories, but also about the future of the authors and repeaters of these criminal plans.

The situation as a whole and the facts were analyzed by the experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea.

The rhetoric of the Crimean collaborators began to change after the Russian command announced the beginning of the second stage of the Kremlin’s criminal “special operation” in Ukraine.

In particular, it was stated that its goal is to create a land “corridor” to the border with “Transnistria” and the occupied Crimea. That is, in fact, we are talking about the criminal plans of the aggressor to seize the South of Ukraine, Odessa and Nikolaev regions.

In addition, the occupiers want to economically limit Ukraine by capturing seaports through which agricultural and metallurgical products are traded [1]. Declaring such criminal intentions, Russia continues to position itself as a fake “liberator of the Ukrainian people”.

At that time, Kremlin proteges in Crimea began to make statements about the creation of various kinds of criminal “federal formations” on the basis of the occupied peninsula. Approximately the same statements were made by them in 2014, and related in particular to the “history of the annexation of the Crimean Khanate to the Russian Empire” and other nonsense [2].

As always, the occupiers are trying to justify their war crimes and armed aggression with “history”, juggling events and facts to fit their own geopolitical interests and aspirations.

This propaganda process continued in the “educational environment”, when the occupiers in Crimea completely replaced the history textbooks, in which the events of 2014 on the peninsula are “covered” quite expectedly.

In particular, these textbooks note that after the fall of the Yanukovych regime, “mass protests” began in Crimea, and the local population allegedly “expressed a desire to join Russia” [3]. For some reason, these textbooks do not indicate that such a “desire” was actually discovered at gunpoint by “little green men” sent by the Kremlin.

The fake “belonging of Crimea to Russia” was also “substantiated” by the events of 1954, when the political leadership of the USSR decided to include Crimea into Ukraine. However, the Kremlin forgets to remind that the peninsula was handed over in an almost destroyed state and was deserted after the forced deportation of the Crimean Tatar people. According to experts, by spreading such false narratives, the occupiers want to connect Ukraine with Moscow [4].

However, they are unlikely to succeed, at least, such propaganda acts exclusively on chauvinistically minded citizens of Russia. And even today, when Russian criminal aggression is obvious, Putin continues to frighten the Crimeans, and declare that the fake “joining of the peninsula to Russia” supposedly “saved the Crimeans from nationalists” [5].

However, today the Crimean collaborators are focused on the idea of the criminal “annexation” of the occupied Kherson region to the Crimea, because the Kremlin, most likely, will not create another terrorist “republic” [6]. Probably, such a criminal idea was thrown by the Kremlin elite, and at the level of the self-proclaimed “authority” of Crimea, they began to “actively discuss” it.

According to reports, the criminal idea of holding a pseudo-“referendum” and creating the so-called criminal “Kherson people’s republic” was completely failed, since the Ukrainians opposed such a scenario of events and unequivocally stated that the Kherson Region is Ukraine [7].

Probably, in the Kremlin, it nevertheless became clear that it would no longer be possible to deceive the Ukrainians, because they clearly remember the experience of Donbass. Therefore, the aggressor state made a different, tougher decision: it is criminal to “attach” the Kherson Region to Russia using the occupied Crimea, without any attempts to “enlist the support of the local population.”

This testifies to the fear of Russians about the defeat and loss not only of the territories seized since February 24, but also of the previously occupied Crimea.

This fear is manifested in the specific actions of the occupiers, in particular, at the end of April, they in Kherson rather harshly dispersed a rally against a fake “referendum”, as a result of which there were victims among Kherson residents [8]. Also, one of the reasons for abandoning the idea of a criminal “referendum” is the lack of practical opportunities to “legalize” its results.

The fact is that such pseudo-“referendums” have no legal significance, moreover, they are considered by the world community as a violation of international law. In particular, this concerns forcing the local population to participate in such a fake “referendum”, which is a violation of international humanitarian law [9].

That is why the occupiers began to act through the Crimean collaborators, who were tasked with spreading disinformation about the criminal “plans to annex” the Kherson Region and other southern mainland regions to the occupied Crimea. Now such a criminal “plan”, allegedly “calculated until 2030”, was announced by Oleg Kryuchkov, a fake “adviser on information policy” of Sergei Aksyonov.

It was not for nothing that the occupiers-controlled “information policy adviser” spoke about this, since the main tool for “persuading” the local population, in this case, the occupiers chose the dissemination of disinformation about the alleged “loss of control over these territories by Ukraine” and the alleged “renunciation of their population” [10].

It should be noted that, according to Ukrainian military intelligence, criminal “referendums” on the pseudo-“joining” of the self-proclaimed terrorist “people’s republics of Donbass” with Russia could be held in mid-May. Moreover, the invaders are talking about the entire territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions [11].

That is, the occupiers planned to completely seize these regions by mid-May 2022, and also criminally tried to create certain “enclaves” of their territories with the criminal goal of their further “attachment” to their territories. However, due to the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this did not happen.

In the occupied territory of the Kherson region, they have already begun to implement the Kremlin’s policy, in particular, the fake criminal “military administration” decided to ban the social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram” in the region [12].

Moreover, with their statements, the Crimean collaborators only confirm the scenario of the attempted annexation of the southern territories of Ukraine. In particular, recently Aksyonov announced the alleged “establishment of natural gas supplies” to the occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. Statements were also made about “the payment of pensions and other social benefits in rubles in these territories” [13].

There were numerous statements by the self-proclaimed “authority” of Crimea about the allegedly fake “appeal of the inhabitants of the Kherson region” about their “speedy accession” [14]. Of course, no one specifically saw these “applicants” in person, since they arose only in the dreams of collaborators.

It is unlikely that such criminal statements by collaborators are accidental, especially given the complete synchronism with the statements of the Kremlin elite. Mention should also be made of the criminal thoughts of the Crimean traitors on the restoration of the so-called “Tauride province”.

In particular, the “deputy” of the State Duma “from Crimea” Mikhail Sheremet criminally stated that it was supposedly necessary to “revive this formation” by annexing Kherson and part of the Zaporozhye regions to Crimea. On the part of the Crimean Tatar collaborators, Eyvaz Umerov expressed a similar opinion [15]. From TV screens, Crimean residents hear lies about the allegedly “irresistible desire of Kherson residents to join Russia and start living in a new way” [15].

At the same time, Mr. Aksyonov most likely sees himself as the criminal “head” of such a pseudo-“formation”, and he probably dreams already of how he will “grab” funds from the “federal budget”, the volume of which, of course, “must increase significantly”. In such a criminal dimension, the Crimean collaborators “claim” not only the Kherson Region and part of the Zaporozhye Region. We are talking about the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions, which are also criminally “planned to integrate into the economic space of Russia”, with the criminal production of “corresponding seals and symbols” [16].

A corresponding “aggravation” is also taking place in the Russian State Duma. After all, Russian politicians are talking about the repeated criminal “creation”, after the end of the so-called “special operation”, of the fake “Crimean federal district”, which was already declared by the Russian invaders after the occupation of Crimea. The aforementioned Eyvaz Umerov also voiced this criminal idea.

Interestingly, it is important for the Kremlin that their painful ideas are necessarily attracted by the fake “support of the Crimean Tatar People”, at least of its individual representatives. Once again, Russian parliamentarians “turned to history”, for some reason remembering the reign of Catherine II. According to the Kremlin, the re-creation of this “district” is allegedly “the restoration of historical justice” [17]. Odious Crimean collaborators constantly discuss this topic.

For example, in his interview, Volodimir Konstantinov criminally stated that Russia would definitely capture the south of Ukraine and “build a bright Russian future there”. Konstantinov repeated the mantra about the “bullying of the Kyiv regime” [19]; similar “opinions” are relayed by the Crimean “senator” Sergey Tzekov [20]. However, for some reason, all of them do not add to this disrespect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, total repression and censorship, unlimited corruption and low social standards, covert mobilization and insecurity of property.

But for sure, the inhabitants of Ukraine’s mainland “should learn” this only with time, when they already get into the “Russian world”, and, like the Crimean residents before, “feel” all its “advantages” for themselves. In fact, Ukraine needs to win this information war and prevent the invaders from destroying everything that has been built over the years of independence. The world community should also be aware of these intentions and, with the help of sanctions, prevent attempts to annex other Ukrainian territories.

International pressure and resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today restrains the aggressor not only “in decision-making”, but also in rhetoric. Even the same Konstantinov criminally notes that “the decision on the political future of the South of Ukraine has not yet been made”. Although, on his own behalf, he talks about “a public trial of criminals” and criminally assigns Ukraine “10 years in order to reunite with Russia and abandon the national idea” [19].

Under the “criminals”, the traitor to the Motherland and the systemic briber and swindler Konstantinov, of course, attackingly means the defenders of Ukraine, and “to abandon the national idea”, according to his theory, is to become a biomass that dutifully follows all the orders of the Kremlin.

Despite such “bravado”, it is obvious that the Crimean collaborators feel the imminent de-occupation of the peninsula. They follow the course of the war very carefully so as not to miss the moment when they need to flee to Russia very quickly, because after their release in Ukraine, they will face trial. At the same time, pro-Ukrainian minded Crimean residents are also following the war, and it is they who now need the support of the Ukrainian authorities and society [21].

If we talk about the first category, that is, traitors, now Ukraine must do everything to ensure that they cannot avoid responsibility, including for the criminal statements about the “partition” of the occupied Ukrainian territories. With their criminal actions, they seek to destroy the Ukrainian statehood, namely, what Putin and his entourage are striving for.

The second category – patriots of Ukraine should become the basis for the revival of the Ukrainian Crimea after its reintegration [22]. After all, if Russia had received a proper systemic reaction from the world to the illegal seizure of foreign territories since 2014, today the Kremlin’s accomplices would not allow themselves to openly criminally treat the Ukrainian state, arguing how supposedly it is possible to “divide its territory”.

The Kremlin deliberately disseminates the narratives it needs precisely because of the Crimean collaborators, who obediently relay them. This is very reminiscent of a kind of approbation of criminal intentions through those who are not sorry. However, none of these anti-Ukrainian statements will be forgotten after the reintegration of Crimea, and the Crimean collaborators will be forced to remember all their encroachments.





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