On May 27, the Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate took place in Kyiv, at which it was announced that it would resign from the subordination of the Russian Orthodox Church and its head, Patriarch Kirill.

It is reported that the decision was criticized by the Orthodox Church of Ukraine as inconsistent and incomplete, but at the same time, even in such a limited form, it was negatively perceived by Russian propaganda.

Representatives of the Church of the Moscow Patriarchate from the occupied Crimea, where it operates as the Simferopol and Crimean Dioceses, took part in the Council. It will be recalled that the entry of this Diocese into the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as “canonical” was not denied or advertised by the occupation “administration” for eight years, the word “Ukrainian” has been almost never used in public since 2014.

At the same time, during the years of occupation, the Crimean Diocese publicly expressed support for both the “authorities” of the Russian invaders and the aggressor’s armed forces.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the delegation of the Crimean Diocese present online, including Metropolitan Lazar, Bishops of Nestor Yalta and Kalinnik of Bakhchisaray “unanimously objected” to these Council’s decisions.

This position is currently being broadcast by Russian propaganda as a fake “justification” that the Simferopol and Crimean Diocese allegedly “remains under the omophorion of the Patriarch of Moscow”.

Of course, such a position contradicts the general church rules, which are obligatory for Moscow, Kyiv and Simferopol, and the position of the Crimean clergy becomes a classic “split”, as the Council did not violate any rules on May 27.

In addition, this situation is a negative “bell” for the structures of the Moscow Patriarchate in the occupied territories of mainland Ukraine – because it is obvious that the Russian invaders will force them to leave the “split”, most likely by “joining” the Crimean diocese.

It must be recalled that the structures of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine are being repressed by Russian invaders in all occupied territories of Ukraine.