We already wrote that the mass importation of agricultural products from Kherson and Melitopol to the Crimea, committed by the Russian invaders, did not contribute to improving the economic situation on the peninsula, in particular, in its consumer market.

We also reported that the Kremlin identified the regions allegedly “responsible for restoring the economy of Donbass”, and along with the subjects of Russia, the occupied Sevastopol was included in this list, which “received patronage” over the Starobilsky District of the Luhansk Region.

Now the format of such “assistance” from Sevastopol has become clear, which, under the conditions of occupation, has no economic and financial resources of its own and is a purely “subsidized” place. After all, the invaders’ propaganda claims that the criminal “Sevastopol officials” allegedly “helped to form” in Starobelsk a fake “municipal state enterprise” “Starobilsky Elevator”.

The aggressor does not hide the fact that control over these production facilities, which actually belong to the Ukrainian concern “Nibulon”, is necessary for the criminal export of grain, because it “lies, it needs to be sold”. The corresponding criminal deal was started by the “Sevastopol delegation” seconded to Starobilsk, headed by the fake “vice-governor” Sergei Tolmachev, a Siberian political strategist.

It is noteworthy that it is easy to export the stolen grain from Starobilsk to Russia by rail through the Valuyki station, and then these “trophies” can be illegally sent by rail to third countries through aggressor-controlled seaports, including through Sevastopol.

In this dimension, the statements of the Russian invaders in Melitopol are characteristic, that the property of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, seized by them in the Zaporizhzhia Region, in particular the station, carriage and locomotive depot, is allegedly “transferred” to the criminal organization “Crimean Railways”.

However, the large-scale looting of the occupied mainland regions of Ukraine does nothing to improve the food supply of the Crimean residents themselves. For example, despite the noisy Russian propaganda about the alleged “restoration of rice cultivation” in Crimea on the water of the North Crimean Canal, the Russian government is now introducing an almost complete “ban on the export” of rice from Russia.

Earlier we wrote about the acute crisis in the fish farming, winemaking and brewing of the Crimea due to the collapse in the supply of European raw materials, seedlings, fry and malt. Now, the development of dairy products on the peninsula has been added to the crisis areas, because it “suddenly turned out” that in all the territories, controlled by the aggressor state, there is practically no starter production for the manufacture of fermented milk products and cheeses.

Of course, the purchasing power of the population decreases also; in particular, in the same Sevastopol in 2022, a halving of visits to restaurants by the population was noted. In such conditions, soon their only guests will be the invaders’ “officials”, who drink the loot there, and the Russian military at the wake of their colleagues killed at the front.