In recent weeks, Russian propaganda has been actively spreading outright misinformation and distorting certain private situations related to the stay of Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

For example, the aggressor recently spread a fake that Ukrainians in the Czech Republic were allegedly “forbidden to visit stores”. This led to both official denials and indignation of the population and business of this country, as there was nothing like this in reality, including at the local level.

This systemic Russians’ misinformation is due to both the aggressor’s desire to put pressure on European governments and the attempts to cover up the obvious situation when large-scale aggression against Ukraine saves their citizens primarily in European Union countries with more than 6 million people, but not in criminal “Russian liberators” .

Of course, Russian propaganda claims “one and a half million refugees from Ukraine in Russia”, but many of them were either forcibly deported by the aggressor from the occupied territories or forced to flee fighting in the only possible direction, including through the occupied Crimea.

For example, on May 28, the aggressor-controlled criminal “administration” in Kherson explicitly stated that “exit was blocked” for citizens to the controlled territory of Ukraine and then stated that such departure was only “not recommended”. In fact, residents of the occupied districts of the Kherson Region can now leave the region to the Crimea, which they are forced to do.

The situation in Belarus is proof that Ukrainians have no desire to go voluntarily to either Russia or the occupied Crimea, which has not conducted an active campaign of forced deportation of Ukrainians. After all, there are only thirty thousand Ukrainian citizens who arrived in the republic after February 2022.

However, in the Crimea, the occupiers faced another problem, as it is difficult to hide the pro-Ukrainian sentiments of most displaced persons. Therefore, the aggressor is currently closing down “refugee reception points” on the occupied peninsula, and all persons arriving from the Kherson Region will be transported from the peninsula to Russia by the occupiers.

The occupiers’ propaganda explains this by allegedly “fixing some Ukrainian nationalists and saboteurs among the refugees” and “the risks of moving weapons to the peninsula”. Under such conditions, our Association separately informed the authorized European structures about the disinformation campaign launched by the Russian invaders and about the the Russian special services’ corresponding subversive activities.