Now social networks are spreading information about the alleged appointment of aggressor Rear Admiral Vyacheslav Rodionov to the post of commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

In fact, this follows from the fact that Rodionov was seen on May 26 in Sevastopol at a “flower-laying ceremony” together with Mikhail Razvozhaev, the pseudo-“governor” of the city, and was allegedly introduced there as a “new Fleet Commander”.

Our Association reported back in March 2022 the fact that Russian occupiers will be forced to look for a replacement for the “traitor” Admiral Igor Osipov, under whose command the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet launched a large-scale aggression against Ukraine,

At the same time, Rodionov’s personality, if he really becomes the aggressor’s new commander, is quite significant, given the aggressor’s future plans.

In fact, for most of his career, Rodionov performed specific command functions, because despite the unconditional availability of his personal skills and specialty, from 2008 to 2017 he mainly held positions that were far from the practical command of the courts and their formations.

So, in 2008, Rodionov was appointed from the senior assistant of the nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” to the commander of the infamous aircraft-carrying missile cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which at that time was put into chronic repair and de-facto turned into huge barracks.

As soon as this “Russian aircraft carrier” was given the opportunity to go to sea in 2011, Rodionov was transferred from command of the ship to the post of deputy division of surface ships of the Russia’s  Northern Fleet, but soon after that he became deputy head of the military institute in St. Petersburg, and since 2013 he became the head of the Baltic Naval Institute in Kaliningrad, where he was listed until 2017.

After that, and until the current visit to Sevastopol, Rodionov headed the Leningrad naval base as, in fact, a relatively “rear” structure of the Russian army.

Thus, if Rodionov, as a typical “rear naval commander”, becomes the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, then this will mean that the aggressor will state the rather modest subsequent significance of this formation, the main task of which will be “self-preservation”, the criminal blockade of the Black and Azov Seas and the preparation and supply of cannon fodder for front in Ukraine.

At the same time, after the dissemination of this information about Rodionov, the invaders-controlled “Oktagon” media spread an “inside” that the “commander” Igor Osipov was allegedly in the service and “performs duties in the normal mode.”

This may mean either the further struggle of the clans of the Russian military and special services for the chair of the Black Sea Fleet’s commander, or the fact that Rodionov can actually get another position in Sevastopol – deputy Fleets’ commander or the head of the occupiers’ “naval school” there, which will become for him accordingly career’s “up” or “down”.