According to social networks, the Russian invaders are criminally transferring the occupied territories to “Russian numbers” with a “telephone code +7”, reports of which come from Melitopol, Berdyansk and Kherson.

At the same time, the invaders are trying to agitate the population to “switch to Russian numbers” because allegedly “Ukrainian networks are unstable.” In Melitopol, the invaders began to distribute the Internet from the Russian operator Rostelecom with very slow traffic filtered by Russian special services.

In fact, the invaders themselves are trying to jam Ukrainian telecommunications and mobile communications, about which our Association has already informed the International Telecommunication Union, the competent government structures of Ukraine and the diplomatic structures of the civilized countries of the world.

In Melitopol, the occupiers are removing power lines on the railway, and in the town there is a growing confrontation between collaborators subordinated to the Russian army and controlled by the FSB, for “control” over looting and cash flows.

In Melitopol, the invaders declared Viktor Kolesnikov, a collaborator from Donetsk, and Igor Suntsov, a former employee of the “MotorSich” plant, who in 2021 became a defendant in a proceeding on the theft of 30 million hryvnias, as fake criminal “deputy heads of the regional administration” Viktor Kolesnikov, a collaborator from Donetsk. These persons are the “protégé” of Russia’s Major General Andrei Chertkov, the criminal “military commander of the Zaporozhye region” from the invaders.

Also, the Russian invaders moved several dozen T-62 tanks, which are significantly outdated, from the Crimea by rail to the districts of Melitopol and Kherson, respectively.

Sergei Shvaiko, declared by the Russian occupiers as a fake criminal “chairman of the Skadovsk district administration”, announced the “restoration of the port’s working capacity” for the illegal transfer of grain and other agricultural products, stolen by the occupiers from Kherson.

In addition, the Russian invaders announced the criminal issuance of “Russian passports” in the Kherson region, allegedly “on the basis of previously existing passport and visa centers”, which are disconnected from the databases and do not have the necessary staff. In this situation, social networks promise new actions of the population to resist the invaders in Kherson.