The fake and criminal “military-civilian administration”, declared by the Russian invaders in Kherson, began to distribute announcements of supposedly “festive events for the Children’s Day” on June 1 in Kherson.

Since this pseudo-“formation” does not have any resources, by definition, the actual “organizer” of “free film screenings” and “entertainment program” in Potemkinsky Square of the city was a certain aggressor-controlled “social movement”, the “Team of Opportunities”, allegedly “registered” in occupied Crimea.

Therefore, it is worth deciding whether the Russian invaders are preparing just another propaganda “show”, or we should expect worse provocations from them with Kherson children. And for this, it is necessary to deal with the “public structure” “registered” two years ago in Simferopol for the “zits-chairman” Andrey Abdulaev in the “mail box” on Sevastopolskaya Street, 321.

However, in fact, the “Team of Opportunities” is a project in which Yevgen Pichugin is highlighted as the “main character”, who in recent months has been actively promoting himself as a “distributor of the Russian world” by allegedly “helping the disadvantaged” in the occupied territories of the south of mainland Ukraine.

The Pichugin family is from Crimean Krasnoperekopsk and Yevgen’s father, Andrey Pichugin, have been actively cooperating with the occupiers since 2014, for which he received from them the role of a fake “deputy of the town council” and the “bread position” of the overseer of town trade in the role of a similarly fake “director of a municipal enterprise” “Trading Area”.

The father decided to wisely “invest in the career” of his son “earned” there, arranging him in 2015 for a good bribe, for a no less “bread position” of the fake “head of the internal and personnel policy department for combating corruption” in the criminal “government of Crimea” created by the Russian invaders.

However, in the future, such a “crazy success” of the Pichugin family failed because of the “limitlessness” of his father in his “positions”, which led to constant scandals with the business and merchants of Krasnoperekopsk. It ended with the fact that Andrey Pichugin was elected by the occupiers as a “demonstrative victim” and he received five years from the occupiers in 2017 for the stolen half a million “budgetary rubles”.

Therefore, the son had to leave the fake invaders-controlled “council of ministers” and switched to “public activity”, in particular, cooperating in Simferopol with the fake “public anti-corruption structure” “People’s Control” controlled by the FSB.

Such close cooperation in 2018 obviously contributed to the solution of the Pichugins’ “family problems”, when the “prison term” for the father was reduced “by way of cassation”, and the son suddenly began active “charitable activities” under the “roof” of various structures controlled by the aggressor.

As already mentioned above, since March 2022, Yevgen Pichugin has been actively contributing to the fulfillment of the criminal tasks of the Russian occupiers in occupied Kherson and Melitopol.

But the main question now is not that the “children’s holiday” in Kherson, commissioned by the Russian special services, will be held by a person who is completely dependent on them and with an appropriate biography.

The question lies in the real goal of the invaders – just to show a fake picture of “happy Kherson children”, or arrange a bloody provocation at the corresponding “holiday”, of course with the accusation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, there are grounds for such sad assumptions, because we have already written about the activities of the Crimean “benefactor and blogger” Valeria Petrusevich, who was involved in black transplantation and the illegal export of children from Melitopol to the Crimea.

At the same time, on the social pages of Pichugin’s “Team of Opportunities”, the very same Petrusevich is being actively advertised as an “active volunteer” and it is obvious that these persons have the same or related curators from the Russian special services.

So, it is hardly worth expecting a “merry children’s holiday” in occupied Kherson from people who do not disdain to make money on human grief and the lives of Ukrainian kids.