A remarkable event took place in Yalta, where developers demolished the historic house of Nikolai Krasnov, a famous architect of the late nineteenth century. On the site of the demolished historic building, which was in relatively good condition, the occupiers plan to build another high-rise building for the Russian colonizers.

It is noteworthy that Krasnov once designed not only his own house, but also more than 60 villas and palaces, which formed the “face” of the Southern coast of Crimea. These include the Livadia and Yusupov palaces, the Haraks and Dulber estates, as well as most of the historically interesting buildings in Simferopol.

Of course, the Krasnov’s House in Yalta was recognized by Ukraine as a monument of history and architecture, but the Russian occupiers have not included it in their own pseudo-“registers” since 2014, allegedly “for technical reasons”.

Following the spread of this high-profile information, the invaders-controlled media spread a statement from collaborators that it was allegedly “too late to find the culprits” and that “the general level of culture and education of the population should be raised”.

In the comments to this position of the invaders’ “administration”, the Crimean residents aptly point out: “what is the role of the population here?” Nobody asked us for sure”.