The end of the third month of large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine was marked by a new wave of repression against the population of the occupied districts of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

In particular, in Melitopol the head of the town’s center of vocational education was captured, who headed the “Heart-to-Heart” aid center, which tried to help the population of the occupied Melitopol, and the educational institution itself was occupied by the “cossacks”.

After a series of successful attacks by Ukrainian guerrillas on military facilities near Melitopol, raids by invaders continue for two days in the city and district. It is noteworthy that on May 23 the Russian occupiers were forced for the first time to publicly acknowledge the activities of the “underground of Ukrainian nationalists” in the town.

At the same time in Kherson, the puppet “leader” of the occupiers, Kirilo Stremousov, stated that threats against him were allegedly “from the Ukrainian army”.

It is worth noting that only in the publications of our Association dedicated to this agent of the Russian secret services, dozens of ordinary residents of the region expressed their position on this person and his future prospects. It turns out that the aggressor’s “Gautleiter” refers to the Ukrainian army as the civilian population of the territory in which he was declared an aggressor by a fake “government”.

Stremousov also noted by his criminal allegations of “eradication” of the Ukrainian language in the occupied territories and his proclamation of the “state” Russian language.

Of course, the old saying “the state is me” comes to mind about such criminal statements, because the fake “powers” of Stremousov and Vololimir Saldo do not represent anyone but themselves, , and in fact the punitive regime in the Kherson region is carried out by both the Russian invaders’ “military commandant’s offices” and by their military directly.

We will add that on May 23 in Kherson the local population massively put the Ukrainian symbolics on constructions, as part of resistance against the criminal regime.