As our Association has repeatedly reported, the Russian invaders cannot solve the “logistics trap” of the illegal importation of “Russian tourists” into the Crimea in the conditions of the blockage of air communications due to large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Experts have exhaustively proved that the illegal railway and road communication between Russia and Crimea will not physically be able to provide for the “millions of vacationers” that Russian propaganda is so proud of.

At the same time, the occupiers promise that the criminal “operator of railway transportation to the Crimea”, the company “Grand Service Tour” introduces illegally a “new train” “Tavria” between Moscow and Simferopol, with a travel time of one and a half days, and the illegal launch of “new trains” to the Crimea from Arkhangelsk, Belgorod and Murmansk.

The irony of the situation is that these illegal routes are “summer ones” and they were on the operator’s schedule in 2021 and planned for the summer of 2022 even before the start of large-scale Russian aggression. Therefore, the experts included them in the calculations, published by our Association back in March, and they do not change the total number of passenger traffic, up to 800 thousand people.

At the same time, the “direct passenger cars” loudly announced by Russian propaganda from Minsk to Simferopol “from May 24” did not become a reality.

Under such conditions, apparently to “improve the tourist attractiveness” of the peninsula, the criminal “administration” of the Russian invaders announced the “renaming” of the streets in Alushta, namely “Leonid Kuchma and Leonid Kravchuk”.

To be precise, the corresponding streets are located in the Alushta village of Semidvirrya with a permanent population of one hundred people, and it is obvious that such a “rebrending” will become the main event for the “resort season” in those places in 2022.

Also, the fake “Crimean speaker” once again announced the criminal “confiscation of property” of the Ukrainian oligarchs, but everyone has already heard this PR since March 2022 and is unlikely to become a reality, because the main array of relevant objects has long been under the actual control of the Crimean collaborators and their Moscow curators.

The aggressor plans the constant movement of its own naval personnel, air defense equipment, aircraft and armored vehicles as more “interesting attractions” for “Russian tourists” this summer in the Western Crimea.

It will happen, as the command of the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet is planning, if not a criminal landing operation against mainland Ukraine, then its constant imitation, for which the invaders are actively using the airfields of Novofedorivka and Belbek, the ship bases in Sevastopol and Novoozerne.