According to our sources in Kherson, on May 18, the Russian occupiers presented a new criminal “police leader” to Kherson, namely Volodymyr Lipandin, who immediately warned “subordinated” collaborators about their immediate “polygraph” check on “ties with Ukraine”.

Volodymyr Lipandin is not an ordinary figure, because until February 2014 he headed the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy Region as a police colonel. During the Revolution of Dignity, Lipandin organized the beating of local activists and attacks by “titushkas” and distinguished himself by “taking advantage of the moment” to become a major general for forging official documents.

On February 24, 2014, Lipandin was fired from the Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and immediately moved to the occupied Crimea, where his wife had a business in Yevpatoria, namely charlatan “center of integrative medicine” “Biorhythm”, located at 127 Demisheva Street, which allegedly treats, an of course for good money, “any disease” by so-called “bio-resonance therapy”.

Volodymyr Lipandin himself organized his own “private security office” “Drakar” in the Russia’s occupation “jurisdiction” at the same Yevpatoria address, the “fighters” of which periodically entered the “criminal chronicles” of the occupiers.

In 2021, “Antikor” media has disseminated evidence of the connection between fugitive Volodymyr Lipandyn and the Kyiv’s clan of Volodymyr and Konstantin Simonov, who according to journalists own a number of commercial firms and actively import goods from abroad to Ukraine and broposed to outer business “customs clearance of goods”, flaunting the alleged “broad own ties” in the systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ukraine’s Security Service.

This circle of communication of the current fake Kherson’s “police chief” testifies to the criminal intentions of his Russian masters not only to move goods, drugs and weapons from Crimea to Kherson, but also further, to the controlled territory of Ukraine, with the formation of appropriate corruption and sabotage networks.

We are confident that all “commercial” ties between Lipandin and the relevant Kyiv clan in the controlled territory of Ukraine, in particular in government agencies, including those who visited “major general” in Yevpatoria before 2022, will soon receive full-scale harsh assessment by the authorized structures of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of wartime.