A few weeks ago, Russian propaganda massively circulated a statement by an “ordinary Sevastopol schoolgirl” to Putin calling for “creating a children’s organization” like the Soviet pioneers.

The aggressor’s propagandists chose occupied Sevastopol for the “start of the campaign” not by chance, because since 2014 the Russian occupiers have been massively “restoring” the Soviet approach to “educating the youth” in the invaders’ spirit in the city.

For example, in the occupied city annual “school demonstrations” was held by Russian invaders on May 19, 2022 allegedly “in honor of Pioneer Day”.

Simultaneously with the fake march in Sevastopol, which consisted in particular of elderly “pioneers”, the Russian Duma registered a bill “on the all-Russian movement of children and youth”, which was given the working title “Big Change” (“Bolshaya Peremena”).

However, the idea of a new “Hitlerjugend”, that was “born in Crimea” by the occupiers’ propaganda to fool the youth, is unlikely to mitigate the large-scale economic and social crisis’ consequences for the population of the peninsula and the aggressor state.

For example, since March 2022, the attendance of Crimean cinemas has halved compared to 2020 and tripled compared to the “pre-COVID” 2019. In the spring of 2022, the number of brokers and realtors on the peninsula fell sharply due to “lack of demand for real estate”.

It is noteworthy that the already obvious collapse of the “tourist season” forces the occupiers in the Crimea to promise “compensation to budget institutions”, whose “resort vouchers” were unnecessary even for the unpretentious “Russian tourists”.

But such invaders’ “compensation” will be “sometime later”, and while the fake “deputies of the State Council” urgently gathered in Simferopol to “change the law”, namely – to immediately provide for fake “deputies” the “official vehicles for travel to Russia’s regions”, because there are no planes flying there at the moment and there are no train tickets to that destination.

At the same time, given the current purely “pioneering” realities, the Russian occupiers “liquidated”, in the absence of further need, “parliamentary coordination council for the development of resorts and tourism in the Crimea”.