Russian propaganda is widely spreading statements by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin, who “selfied” himself in Russia-occupied Melitopol on May 18. In addition to the next criminal mantras that allegedly “Russia is here forever”, the occupier promised to establish electricity supply from the Zaporizhzhya NPP, “economic growth” and so on.

It is noteworthy that “as part of Husnullin’s official visit” Ukrainian patriots blew up an armored rail train of the occupiers near Melitopol, which was accompanied to the front by an echelon of fuel for the aggressor’s troops. After that, the Russian occupiers began to carry out mass “filtration actions” in search of guerrillas, in particular in the villages of Akimivka and Volodymyrivka, which were unsuccessful.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the fake “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov promised to “restore the supply” of electricity, but not from mainland Ukraine to the Crimea, and vice versa. In addition, the Crimean “gautleiter” made a statement about the introduction of “state regulation” of prices in the Russia-occupied Ukraine’s mainland south, where the occupation-induced economic collapse continues.

In particular, the fake “International Settlement Bank” opened by the aggressor in Melitopol and “registered” in the Russian-occupied Georgian Tskhinvali, clearly does not attract local entrepreneurs to “carry out accounts and conduct transactions”.

At the same time, it is reported that in Melitopol, a small number of “cossacks”, involved by Russians in the collaboration, instead of the promised ‘$ 20 a day”, received only overdue cakes from the previously stolen humanitarian aid of Ukrainian volunteers as payment for their treason. Therefore, the “cossacks” switched to “self-sufficiency”, in particular by “sheltering” fishing in the estuaries and the sea near the town; at the same time, too small fish are caught en masse, and sold for small price, which even any poachers could not afford before the Russian occupation.

The occupiers’ statements about the “security of the townspeople” contrast not only with the large number of occupiers in Melitopol who are looting and committing violence against the local population, but also with the aggressor’s general negligence, even in their own security, both in Melitopol and neighboring Crimea.

On May 17, for example, a cargo car of the occupiers with ammunition burned down near Dzhankoy, and its explosions damaged a number of residential buildings. On May 18, a tractor with an occupier’s tank fell off the road near Crimea’s Voynka settlement, and, among other things, it significantly damaged an infrastructure structure. And a displaced person from Moldova was “suddenly” found right in the aggressor’s “military commissariat” in Dzhankoy, using the building as a free night.

At the same time, imitating the “fight against Ukrainian saboteurs”, Russian punitive forces detained three local children near one of the Crimean military airfields, who allegedly “photographed the equipment”.