After the destruction of the missile cruiser “Moskva”, the Russian invaders, among other things, are actively discussing the fate of the “new flagship” of the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet. Russian propaganda reported that the frigate “Admiral Makarov” of the 11356R project would most likely be assigned to this role.

It is noteworthy that even pro-Russian experts are negative about the idea, since in the conditions of a limited theater of operations in the closed Black Sea, “everything is perfectly operated from the coast”

It is also stated that full-fledged fleet management “from the side of a warship is impossible”, since the fleet headquarters and the ship’s control group “will sit on each other’s heads”, which is “even more pointless” on a ship of the second rank, obviously not designed for such functions.

It is stated that for the “floating headquarters”, even if it is needed for some reason, “a specialized control ship is needed”, which the invaders in the Black Sea do not have. It is noteworthy that in March, 2022 it was reported that one of the frigates of the 11356R project was damaged in the combat zone, and the aggressor did not “officially comment” on this information.

However, Russian propaganda also announces the prospects of transferring the flagship in the future to the “newest project 23900 landing helicopter-carrying ship” “Mitrofan Moskalenko”, which is being built by invaders in Kerch at the “Zaliv” shipyard, but the prospects for putting this ship into operation, without “sanctioned” technologies and units from civilized countries, today remain utopian.

In the meantime, readers of this “good news” call the “new flagship” nothing more than a “floating headquarters hotel”, and state that now the aggressor’s ships in Sevastopol “are not a fleet, but a flotilla”, which “is fraught with a decrease in the number of admirals”.

At the same time, in the role of the flagship, the occupiers are invited to “put the “Khersones” sailboat in the bay on the day of the fleet”, that was captured by the Russian invaders at the Kerch Maritime Institute in 2014.