The aggressor is actively militarizing the occupied districts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, and according to American analysts, he is strengthening his own military group in them. The aggressor’s propaganda boasts that in the Kherson region “Russian servicemen have deployed field workshops” to repair damaged military equipment “working in three shifts”.

The Russian occupiers also began military production at the occupied Melitopol Plant of Autotractor Parts, which is not controlled by the real owners, and entrusted the organization of production to the head of the foundry Vitaly Goncharovsky, who set out to cooperate with the invaders. It is noteworthy that on the morning of May 17 it was reported that two collaborators had been killed by Ukrainian partisans in Melitopol.

At the same time, in Kherson, local collaborators from the group of “vice-gautleiter” Kirilo Stremousov, whom he sought to lead to the criminal invaders’ “administration”, distinguished themselves in another tragicomic event.

On the evening of May 16, Oleksiy Beregovsky, a former military and like-minded of Stremousov and Pavel Tkachenko, posted on social media that he was allegedly “wounded in a shootout” and that he was “in critical condition in hospital”.

As it turned out, Beregovsky actually got drunk, and the “tragic news” was posted from his phone by his next “military girlfriend”, who wanted to take revenge on the collaborator for some immoral behavior. This level of “personnel policy” of the fake criminal “vice-governor” Stremousov is not surprising, especially given his recent statements circulated by Russia’s TASS.

There, fan of food clay, Stremousov said yesterday that allegedly “Russia’s armed forces had completely taken control of the Kherson region”, which “is within reach of Ukrainian artillery, but the shells can be intercepted by Russian air defense forces”.

The fact that the Ukrainian army controls a number of settlements in the Kherson region and that the air defense can not in principle intercept an artillery shell, Stremousov may not have told his curators from Russian military intelligence, but Stremousov could not ignore the periodic powerful explosions in Chornobayevka, located eight kilometers from his “office”.

However, it is noteworthy that after our report on the probable role of Stremousov not only as a generator of delusion for TASS, but also as a “sacred victim” in the performance of Russian special services, this collaborator urgently left “for recovery” from Kherson to Donetsk.

Also there was interesting result of our publication regarding Viktor Burdovitsyn’s cooperation with the occupiers, who was a doctor at the Kherson Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital, and whom the aggressor declared as “manager” of the institution and made a “TV star” in a report by the occupiers’ “Krym 24” TV channel. In comments to the ARC, Kherson readers presented not only evidence of Burdovitsyn’s belonging to the “Russian world”, but also the facts of his professional unfitness as a doctor and systemic total corruption.

Currently, the aggressor’s propaganda is now forced to declare visit of “Crimean doctors” to Kherson, who will “examine” the local children for the purpose of their alleged “treatment in the Crimea”. However, this “alternative to Burdovitsyn” could have tragic consequences.

After all, as we reported earlier, a criminal “conveyor belt” of the disappearance of Ukrainian children has been set up in the aggressor-controlled Crimean hospitals, with changes data in children’s passports and “adoption” them in Russian families outside the peninsula.

The occupiers traditionally criminally use seriously ill and severely wounded Ukrainian children taken to the Crimea as posthumous donors for wounded aggressor’s soldiers in the Sevastopol hospital of the Black Sea Fleet. Only the earliest possible deoccupation of Melitopol and Kherson by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to stop this criminal conveyor belt, that works of the worst Nazi traditions.