As we have repeatedly reported, the leadership of the Russian invaders since March 2022 has been looking for “culprits” in the systemic failures of its Black Sea Fleet, including its inability to land on the Black Sea coast of mainland Ukraine.

Continuation of hostilities in the Black Sea area forces Russian occupiers to keep closed water off the coast of Western Crimea for “economic and recreational usage”, which is extremely painful for Russian propaganda, which continues to declare expectations “successful holiday resort season” in the occupied peninsula, contrary the objective reality.

The Kremlin wanted to write off the loss and damage of several surface ships, heavy losses of naval aircraft and 810 marine brigades during the large-scale aggression against Ukraine, in particular, to some “traitors” among the Black Sea Fleet’s command, as our Association wrote in March 2022.

In particular, it was reported that the Russian special services were preparing an incriminating “trial” against the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Osipov, which could have confidential character.

Since the wrack of the “Moskva” cruiser on April 14, Admiral Osipov has not been seen in public events, including various invaders’ “celebrations” in May, and his stay under house arrest as a participant in the investigation become a “secret of Polishinel” in Sevastopol.

At the same time, the publicity of this situation probably changed the occupiers’ plans, as now the fake “governor” of Sevastopol Razvozhayev said that Osipov did not take part in the “Black Sea Fleet Day” events on May 13, because he allegedly “does not have time for social networks and greetings”.

More, some bloggers, controlled by the Russian secret services, have recently started spreading “insider information” about Osipov’s alleged possible stay aboard the flagship “Moskva” cruiser during the “fire on the ship”.

Thus, it is likely that the occupiers may soon declare either the “death of the admiral due to injuries”, or demonstrate a “recovered” commander of the fleet, but probably in another position. Both options obviously depend on the Kremlin’s final decision on the “admiralty case”, in which something obviously went wrong, so the aggressor probably decided “not to take out the garbage from the house”.