As has been repeatedly reported, the Russian invaders have failed to ensure the effective operation of their own criminal “military administrations” in the occupied Kherson, and various groups of collaborators are still fighting for plunder in the region.

We wrote that in the Henichesk community, in March 2022, the occupiers named Gennady Sivak, known for his participation in the occupation of Crimea and the fighting against Ukraine in the Donetsk region, as a representative of the fake “government”. To “support” his criminal actions, the aggressor used the family of collaborator Seitumer Nimetulaev, who until 2014 headed the local district administration and later in the Crimea was appointed by the occupiers “leader” of the fake “Crimean Tatar organization” “Kirim Birligi”.

But later, this group of collaborators was removed by the occupiers and the deputy of the district council from the “Opposition Bloc” Andriy Klochko was declared as a fake “leader” in Henichesk by occupiers in early April,. The new “gautleiter” is currently being actively promoted by the occupying Crimean media, such as “Krym 24”.

It is noteworthy that in the relevant propaganda “interviews” the Russian occupiers are unable to point out any “achievements” or promise the population certain “prospects”. In fact, the main refrain of Klochko’s “program speech” was “difficulties” with drugs, fuel and food that “somehow” and “once” will be overcome.

At the same time, the collaborator admits that the Russian invader “do not have a clear concept of how to conduct financial activities” and the maximum that the invaders can promise is a “one-time aid” of 10,000 rubles, which in Henichesk was already stolen in March by Klochko’s predecessors in his fake “position”.

The most comical in the statements of the Henichesk “gautleiter” was the promise to spend the summer of 2022 on the Arabat arrow “holiday season” with Russian and Belarusian tourists. At the same time, the propaganda of the invaders claims that the relevant facilities have been allegedly “demined”.

In this case, the conversation of Klochko’s colleagues over “positions” in another Russia-coccupied district of Kherson region is intercepted, who in communication with each other admit that in the current course of events theyu “should flee in June” and “get a job in the Crimea as waiters”.