Experts have already reported on the Russian invaders’ gradual build-up the air defense equipment in the occupied Crimea, primarily in the Chornomorsky district since the end of April.

In addition, the Russia’s military units of the so-called 22nd army corps of coastal defense of the invaders, stationed on the occupied peninsula, including the 126th brigade and the 810th brigade of marines, are actively used by the Russian invaders as a “conveyor line” for completing “cannon fodder” for battles in the south of mainland Ukraine, and their systemic losses Russian propaganda can no longer hide. In particular, the some days ago they reported the death of the deputy commander of the battalion of the 810th brigade, Dmitry Vostrikov.

Also, to date, the Russian invaders’ 171 separate air assault battalion, criminally placed by the aggressor in occupied Feodosia in 2017, has suffered significant losses as part of the 7 air assault division, stationed by the aggressor in Novorossiysk.

Five years ago, the Russian invaders’ propaganda reported that allegedly “primarily Crimeans” would serve in the 171st battalion, and after the start of large-scale aggression, the losses of this unit were not published. At the same time, the invaders were forced to “officially” report the death of the battalion commander, lieutenant-colonel Aleksey Sharshavov, in early March; the other dead in this aggressor’s unit of have been listed as allegedly “missing” for two months already.

Currently, the aggressor tries to urgently “renew the combat readiness” of the relevant units and invaders continue to transfer military equipment from the Caucasus through the Crimea to the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. Also, almost all Crimean industrial facilities of Dzhankoy, Yevpatoriya and Krasnoperekopsky district are used by the Russian occupiers as repair shops for damaged armored vehicles.

At the same time, the aggressor is preparing the key roads of the peninsula for its subsequent use as a frontline zone. Earlier it was reported about the hidden restoration of local roads in the north of Crimea, in particular, about the restoration of the road to the remains of the Bakalskaya Spit. Now the occupiers reported on the “urgent restoration” of a number of local roads of the peninsula, which are of great tactical importance for it, in particular for the transfer of troops and equipment.

This is the road to Mysove on the Kerch Peninsula, where the units of the Russian invaders’ “border guard” are based, the road to the village of Ordzhonikidze near Feodosia, used by the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet, and road to the village of Kirovske, where a powerful military airfield is located. In the Western Crimea, the invaders are restoring and expanding the road that crosses the Tarkhankut Peninsula from north to south, from the village of Daleke to Znamenske.

The accumulation and active use of the invaders’ aircraft at the airfields of Belbek and Novofedorovka continues, from where the invaders fly to the combat zone. Military transport planes of the occupiers constantly arrive at these airfields.

Thus, the occupied Crimea is finally losing the signs of a “resort region” and is turning into a front-line foothold, in the face of the strategic failure of the aggressor’s criminal plans to occupy the entire south of mainland Ukraine.