The UN Human Rights Council adopted on 12th of May a resolution on the deteriorating human rights situation in Ukraine stemming from the Russian aggression, in which the Council reiterated its demand for an immediate cessation of military hostilities against Ukraine and requested the Independent International Commission of Inquiry to conduct an inquiry, consistent with its mandate and international standards, and in coordination with other national and international mechanisms.

In the resolution the Council also urged Russian to provide representatives and staff of international human rights and humanitarian institutions, including UN specialized agencies, with unhindered, timely, immediate, unrestricted and safe access to persons who had been transferred from conflict-affected areas of Ukraine and were held on the territory of Russian or areas controlled or occupied by Russian, and to share with relevant parties a comprehensive list of such transferred persons and their whereabouts.

In the discussion prior to the adoption of the resolution, speakers raised, among other things, the importance of ensuring accountability for all violations and abuses perpetrated in Ukraine. Justice must be served for these and all other crimes through the relevant international instruments. Russia should immediately cease its aggression, withdraw all its forces from the whole territory of Ukraine, and provide international human rights and humanitarian institutions with unhindered, immediate and safe access to persons transferred from conflict-affected areas of Ukraine.

This session was initiated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine and systematic work was done in communication with UN Human Rights Council and its bodies on topics, related with this resolution. Our Association sent since 2020 more than 50 submissions and proposals to UN human rights’ strictures, major part of them were published in the UN web-sources.

Since 24th of February, 2022 ARC sent to the competent structures of UN Human Rights Council more than 30 submissions, describing human rights’ violation in conditions of ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine. Significant part of them was reflected in the UN materials already, including issues of illegal killing, enforced disappearances and displacement, mercenaries and destruction of civil infrastructure.

A view the room of Spain during the inauguration of the Spanish room at the United Nations in Geneva.