On May 12, occupier-controlled propaganda announced the holding of the so-called “Second International Forum” “Time for Exports” in Alushta, organized by the fake “Crimean government” and by the so-called “Southern Regional Export Support Center”.

In fact, the main speakers at such allegedly “international forum” were a veteran of the Russian secret services Georgy Muradov and the fake “minister of finance” of the peninsula Irina Kiviko.

At the event, there were popular mantras about the alleged “further development of the economic potential” of the Russia-occupied region and another complaints about the civilized countries’ “economic and information war” against the aggressor.

In this dimension, Kiviko could boast only of “exporting” Crimean chicken legs and sweet wine to communist China in unknown quantities.

At the same time, no delegation from China or other countries came to the “forum”, although for example in 2021 at a similar Russian invaders’ “forum” was announced with the alleged participation of “reverse business missions” from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In this year, Muradov acknowledged the participation in the “forum” of only unknown “Armenians” and even of “delegations from Abkhazia”, so therefore the “internationality” of the event was ensured only by the Russian occupiers of the peninsula. It will be recalled that the steady reduction of “exports” from the occupied Crimea was noted by our Association as of 2021, even before the start of Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine.