Earlier, our Association and other expert structures have already reported on the numerous and profound negative consequences for the Black Sea marine ecology associated with the active military activities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

In particular, they pointed to the mass death of seabirds in the bays of Sevastopol, which was associated with dangerous runoff from military installations, and on the mass death of dolphins due to damage to their echolocation systems by the constant mass hydroacoustic and mine-explosive activity of the Russian invaders’ naval ships. In 2022, more than 250 facts of the death of dolphins due to their being washed ashore were discovered in the Crimea.

The Russian invaders cannot hide these facts, and therefore they try to give them tragicomic explanations. For example, regarding birds, the Sevastopol “veterinary department”, controlled by the Russian invaders, stated that thousands of birds suddenly and simultaneously died in the Sevastopol bay because of … the plastic bags they had eaten.

Of course, seabirds periodically die from plastic, but it is unlikely that they wanted to commit mass and synchronized suicide in Sevastopol. It is noteworthy that in April, when these birds began to die in Omega Bay, where operations are being carried out to load the aggressor’s ships with ammunition and supplies, local residents also complained about the unusual stench from sea water.

It is worth adding that dolphins died due to shell shock from the constant “exercises” of the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet until February, but the invaders’ propaganda traditionally attributed their corpses on the coast to allegedly “Ukrainian poachers”. But since February 24, the Black Sea has been closed due to large-scale hostilities for any fishermen, and therefore the Russain invaders are forced to offer new versions.

For example, the “dolphin rehabilitation center” “Serene Sea” from Sudak, controlled by the Russian invaders, stated that the dolphins allegedly “all died” from a mysterious “virus”, but “center” did not indicate which one and did not provide any evidence of this.

It is worth adding that “dolphin rescue” centers of the type indicated were established in Crimea to “legalize” the catching of marine mammals, which is formally prohibited even by the aggressor, which are then resold to dolphinariums and for the Russian military in Sevastopol, who at the same time plunder considerable “budgetary funds” on this purshases .

Of course, such a structure as “Serene Sea” has no desire to expose its colleagues in corruption schemes in Russian uniforms in the mass destruction of the Black Sea biological diversity.