On May 11, Kirilo Stremousov, proclaimed by Russian invaders as a fake criminal “deputy head of the military-civil administration”, made in Kherson a number of statements about the same criminal intentions of “the region becoming part of Russia”.

These criminal statements show recognition of the total occupiers’ failures of the in the Kherson Region. In particular, Stremousov states the impossibility of his fake “power” to organize even any pseudo-“referendum”, which is totally unrealistic due to the obvious population’s pro-Ukrainian sentiments and to the local self-government’s mass refusal to cooperate with the invaders.

Stremousov also promises to establish “later” a “banking” and “pension” system in the Kherson region, but at the same time he states that the Russian occupiers do not have any statistics and registers on the population of the region.

It is noteworthy that the arrival of the “Russian bank” in Kherson had previously been announced by the Russian occupiers “since early May”, but this did not happen; now the invaders promise Kherson residents a fake “bank” from Russian-occupied Donetsk.

The occupiers also state that there are no pro-Russian teachers and journalists in the region, for which they plan to bring them from the occupied Crimea and form a fake “Tavria” broadcaster in Kherson. Our Association has already informed the International Telecommunication Union about the aggressor’s criminal interference in television and radio broadcasting and mobile communications in this Ukraine’s region.

Stremousov also promises a passenger railway connection between Kherson and Crimea, but only after the criminal “occupation of Mykolayiv and Odessa”, that is, in fact never will happen. He also announces the connection of the region’s energy system to the Crimean one, as the aggressor’s inability to establish promising operation of existing power plants in the Kherson Region is obvious to everyone.

At the same time, the realities in the region are even sadder than Stremousov’s statements, as mass Russian’s abductions and killings of citizens with active position are currently underway. In this regard, our Association has already addressed the competent UN Special Rapporteur with the posting of our submission on the United Nations’ website.

Also, the Russian occupiers, according to Ukrainian authorities and the media, launched the cultivation of cannabis plantations for drug production in the Henichesk community. In addition, Russian invaders are massively setting fire to Kherson forests near Oleshky, Hola Pristan, and the Kinburn Peninsula, apparently seeking to fight “Ukrainian saboteurs”, and those invader’s illegal activities has already led to an environmental catastrophe.

It is noteworthy that the Kremlin is well aware of the fake character of Stremousov’s statements, as no one, except the Russian secret services and military, was elected or appointed him to his criminal fake “position”. That is why even Crimean collaborators are now publicly declaring further cooperation with the Kherson region through so-called “people’s diplomacy channels”.

In fact, Stremousov’s statements become a invaders’ “good mine in a bad game” because the aggressor is fully aware of the inevitability of the deoccupation of the South by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.