We have repeatedly written in 2021 about the Russian invaders’ intentions to use the occupied Sevastopol as a “forge of personnel” for the development and support of Russian aggression, in particular through the training of “educated modern technical personnel”.

For this purpose, in particular, it was planned to involve a fake “Sevastopol State University”, controlled by the Russian invaders, where the aggressor has not yet achieved significant success.

Another form of such activity was the creation by the Russian occupiers of the so-called “innovative technopark” “IT-Crimea” in the city, at the opening of which Russian officials, including Russian Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov, had been loudly publicized.

This occupiers’ offspring, which was to “develop” under the care of the fake “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev, was to “revive high-tech entrepreneurship” and the invaders wrote off more than a billion “budget” rubles.

So far, the activities of “IT-Crimea” have not led to tangible practical results, and therefore the fake “administration” of the city got now raised Russian secret services’ relevant questions, especially in measuring the missing funds.

The lively reports of the Sevastopol invaders’ “media” about the alleged “achievements of the technopark” can no longer mislead anyone, so the propagandists, being under the control of the fake “administration” have invented a “global cause” of another “temporary problems”.

This, it turned out, was not the sanctions of the civilized world due to Russian aggression and occupation, and not the brain drain and technology from the occupied peninsula, but the “miscalculations of the Soviet leadership” of the 1970s, which allegedly did not invest in “domestic” computer production.

Obviously, the occupiers will now explain the more global failures of Russian aggression at the front and in the rear not by the fakeness of their own criminal plans, nor by their corruption and incompetence, but by the “miscalculations” of their long-dead “predecessors”.