In March 2022, the occupiers announced their intention to criminally “nationalize” real estate owned by “persons of unfriendly states” in the Crimea. At the same time, the selectivity of such robbery was directly promised, due to the factor of loyalty or disloyalty of the owners towards the Russian invaders’ “administration”.

As we have already reported, this approach was not approved by the Kremlin, as Russian oligarchs there have a lot of commercial objects in Russia, registered as residents of “unfriendly countries”, which can be “nationalized” in favor of a rival clan of Russian intelligence.

At the same time, the aggressor prevented in his illegal “jurisdiction” the “transactions” of Crimean real estate owners from among the “persons of unfriendly countries”, as he obliged them to conduct them through “special accounts” in the banks, controlled by the aggressor. But, the Russian occupiers have not established the procedure for maintaining such “special accounts”, and therefore it is currently impossible to conduct relevant “agreements” through illegal occupiers’ “registers”.

Under such conditions, the propagandistic proposals of Crimean fake “authorities” to transfer “republican real estate” to “willing investors” for “one ruble” become comical.

After all, it is clear that there is no “queue” currently of those “wishing” to take part in the redistribution of Crimean real estate, stolen from Ukrainian owners. of has and is not expected in the future.