As our Association has repeatedly pointed out, the cessation of Russia’s illegal aviation connections with Simferopol Airport due to Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine puts an end to the development of the occupied Crimea as an alleged “all-Russian health resort”.

After all, no railway and road connection between the peninsula and Russia via the “Kerch Bridge” will, by definition, yield the promised “millions of tourists” whom the aggressor illegally brought to Crimea by plane in 2015-2021, up to 100 flights a day. At the same time, according to published estimates, a maximum of 800,000 people can be illegally transported to Russia by rail in three summer months.

The fake “authorities” of the peninsula have long denied this facto, too obvious to experts. In early May, the collapse of the “tourist season” has already been recognized by Russian-controlled “tour operators”. Currently, the so-called “head of the republic” Sergei Aksonov said that to “solve the problem” allegedly needed a hundred passenger rail cars.

However, the calculation proves that this statement is as fake as Aksyonov’s “position”. The capacity of the reserved simple sleeping car is 50 people, and the schedule of connections on the main “tourist” route Moscow-Simferopol via the “Kerch Bridge” is at least 28 hours.

Therefore, the roundabout of the car on this illegal route can be not less than 60 hours and during the summer the car can make no more than 36 operations, can not carry more than 1,800 people. So, hypothetically, these one hundred rail cars can carry no more than 180,000 people per season.

But not all the cars of the occupiers are reserved, and the train schedule is not so “ideal” in reality. Therefore, the “rescue” declared by Aksyonov is a maximum of 150 thousand people, which is incomparable with the promised occupiers “7 million tourists” in the summer of 2022.

It should be added that the “two direct cars” from Minsk to Simferopol, loudly promised by Russian propaganda on May 26, were still not put on this illegal railroad route.

However, the summer season in Crimea in 2022 may indeed be “hot one”, but for completely other reasons.