As it was pointed earlier by our Association, Russian Black Sea Fleet concentrated to 8-9 of May all its vessels carrying missiles not far away Crimea, against Ukraine’s mainland. This situation was explained to the Italian news agency “Adnkronos” by our Association’s expert Olexii Plotnikov.

He stressed that at the moment we do not see any easing in the attacks and we expect a further intensification in Odesa, just as the city is under a strict curfew, which will remain in effect until 5 am on 10th of May.

Such decisive measure was explained by expert not only because of the fear of air and rocket attacks, but also because the headquarters of the Ukrainian armed forces have announced that the “Transnistrian” army is in a state of alert.

Expert pointed that the hypothesis of “an invasion by the few Russian soldiers stationed in Transnistria” is weak and considered it equally unlikely that the paratroopers of the Moscow army will land, but he expects provocations, terrorist acts and the sending of groups of saboteurs by the Russian invaders.

Docent Plotnikov stressed that also for this reason “after February 24 the whole Ukrainian population began to move away from the Soviet myth of the victory of May 9 and the idea of having to celebrate, together with the whole world, May 8 as a day of remembrance is growing stronger and stronger”. And Odessa “remains a hero city for its history, which is not canceled, but now revised under another key”.

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