The Russian aggressors, apparently having no success of their own “blitzkrieg” against Ukraine, are in no hurry to carry out criminal “geopolitical changes” in the occupied south of mainland Ukraine.

Currently, the occupiers have limited themselves to statements about the formation of fake criminal “military-civil administrations” for Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, which act as a screen for the activities of aggressor’s criminal “military commandant’s offices”.

We have already written about the Russian special services’ agents, whom the occupiers criminally declared as “authorities” in the Kherson region, and it is worth mentioning the criminal actions of Yevhen Balytsky, whom the invaders illegally called the “governor” of Zaporizhzhia region.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the freaks in the occupied offices of Kherson, Balytsky was more prominent in Ukrainian politics, and unlike the Kherson ex-mayor Saldo he remained in it after 2014.

However, the Balytsky clan did not form in Zaporizhzhia city, but in Melitopol, and this family has military roots. Two sons of local “reputable” businessman Vitaliy Balytsky, Oleg and Yevhen were military pilots and then went into the family business, which from the beginning of the XXI century controlled in Melitopol the brewery, company “Autohydroaggregate”, car depot and a number of other companies and stores, that formed a business group with the characteristic name “Ukraine – South East”.

Retired Vitaliy Balytskyi gradually withdrew from business, and his son Oleg was killed in Melitopol in 2013, which “by a convenient coincidence” gave to Yevhen Balytsky full personal control over his clan’s finances, that were used for the benefit of the aggressor. Earlier, under unclear circumstances, Oleg Balytsky’s son allegedly died “in a car accident”.

In 2015, Yevhen “cleaned up” his business from competitors among his own clan. He was re-elected as Ukrainian MP from the pro-Russian “Opposition Bloc” and in his activities he was coordinated by fugitive oligarch Sergei Kurchenko.

In this role, he periodically visited the occupied Crimea and made pro-Russian statements, which led to the involvement of criminal proceedings, while Yevhen’s son in 2015 celebrated his own wedding on a yacht in the occupied Balaklava. In 2017-2019, Yevhen Balytsky even held pro-Russian events in Melitopol, such as the infamous “Immortal Regiment”.

Halyna Danylchenko, announced by the Russian occupiers as the fake “mayor” of Melitopol, is also the “right hand” of the Balytsky clan.

It is noteworthy that the growing influence of Kurchenko’s puppets in occupied Melitopol and now – in other Russia-occupied areas of the region was nervously received by a “competing group” of Crimean collaborators from the former “Seylem” bandit clan, including the fake “head of the republic” Sergei Aksyonov.

At present, competition between these criminal groups, controlled by various groups of Russian special services, will increase in the illicit trafficking of finance, weapons, and drugs in the Russia-controlled south of mainland Ukraine.

At the same time, the appointment of Melitopol-origin Balytsky by the aggressor for the criminal role of a fake “governor” testifies to the occupiers’ understanding of the unreality of their illegal plans to capture the city of Zaporizhzhia. And more, Yevhen Balytsky, with his obvious involvement in the death of his own brother’s family, became a very convenient puppet for the Russian invaders.