While the fake “authorities” of the occupied Crimea continue to promise a fantastic “tourist season” with 7 million Russian tourists, the aggressor-controlled business is already stating the collapse of the recreational industry.

Currently, according to the president of the Russian “National union of hospitality industry”, the occupancy rate of Crimean hotels is currently 40 %, but this is subject to “if the air connection will be restored”.

However, Russian airlines are currently “officially” publicly cancelled the illegal sale of tickets to Simferopol airport in the summer of 2022, which will lead to the cancellation of most previously booked resorts, as they are usually bought in advance by regional and small tour operators.

In addition, it is now clear to everyone what we predicted back in March – the physical inability to increase Russia’s illegal passenger rail service to Crimea, which, as Russian businessmen say with horror, can bring to the peninsula “only five hundred Muscovites a day”.

Under such conditions, the occupiers’ statements about “resuming the railway connection” between Crimea and Kherson become typical, because Crimean hotels can really get many thousands of guests from there, first of all in the form of wounded soldiers of the Russian army.