As it was predicted, the aggressor persistently spreads the cargo cult of “Russia’s victory on May 9” in the occupied territories, which no longer has anything common with the tragic realities of World War II.

In particular, in Crimea, “victory parades” were announced in Kerch, Simferopol and Sevastopol, and on May 3, “rehearsals” of these events began. At the same time, the occupiers announced the “transfer of the parade” in Donetsk to the alleged criminal “complete control over the territory of the republic”, which in practical terms means that this will never happen at all; with regard to Luhansk, the occupiers do not mention this “awkward question” at all.

Earlier, the aggressor also announced a “victory parade” in Mariupol, where fierce fighting between Ukrainian defenders of the city on Azovstal plant is still going on.

The population of the occupied east of Ukraine explains the abolition of “parades” by a simple fact – the destruction of the relevant groups of Russian invaders to such a level that “parades” simply no one to hold.

Also in April, some collaborators announced their intention to “celebrate victory” in Russia-occupied Berdyansk, Kakhovka, Melitopol, and Kherson. It is unknown at this time what they will do on 9 May in reality, as the occupiers and the local population have nothing to celebrate.

The invaders understand the hatred of the vast majority of the population, while the inhabitants are well aware of the horrors and risks of the punitive regime imposed by the aggressor. It is noteworthy that the “victory parade” was canceled in Russia-occupied Tiraspol.

Thus, the “epicenter’ of Russian propaganda is the occupied Crimea for May, 2022, but even there the “holiday” becomes very specific. This is due not only to the “special” mood of the occupying army after the bloody bath at the front, but also to the general state of the infrastructure.

For example, as it “suddenly turned out” in Sevastopol, a number of key World War II monuments, such as the cult armored train and the “Bayonet and Sail” monument, are in a state of extreme neglect due to the negligence of the occupiers. The city’s infrastructure in Kerch and Simferopol is also in critical condition, and the recent “fire” visit of the so-called “Crimean prime minister” to the east of the peninsula has certainly not rectified the situation.

Therefore, although the Crimean “parades” will not pass the destroyed dormitories and mass graves of civilians, as it was planned by the aggressor in Mariupol, they will take place in Crimea against the background of ruins and devastation, which were criminally brought to the occupied peninsula by “Russian winners”.