As has been repeatedly reported, the Russian occupiers are actively removing looted property from the occupied territories of southern mainland Ukraine, including agricultural machinery, grain from the last harvest and vegetables from greenhouses.

It is also reported that the occupiers plundered the irrigated lands of Tauria and on the criminal “redistribution” of agricultural land in favor of Crimean collaborators.

At the same time, conflicts are currently escalating between various groups of occupiers and collaborators over the practical possibility of looting the Kherson Region.

For example, residents of Henichesk District reported a fight between collaborators of collaborator Seitumer Nimetulaev and representatives of the criminal element of Donetsk region for “control over the town” as a result of which several collaborators were thrown “into the jail”.

On May 2, Anatoliy Tsurkin, a former fake “peninsula’s minister of transport” and an aide to the gangster “head of the Crimea” Serhey Aksyonov, posted a video on social networks of a burning truck loaded with property stolen by his rivals.

He added a cynical explanation to the video that “today the delivery of goods in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions is a difficult and dangerous occupation that requires some experience and endurance”.

The “blackout” of the occupied districts of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, introduced by the occupiers, where the Internet and mobile communications are disconnected, really contributes to the mass robbery and violence committed by those modern “conquistadors” who really have extensive gangster “experience and endurance”.

And although the real purpose of the occupiers’ “blackout” may be to hide the Russian invaders’ large-scale military deployment, or to cover up mass punitive actions against the population, Russian-controlled bandits in such conditions are certainly more convenient to rob people and businesses, and kill each other for “trophies” .