As has been repeatedly reported, for two months a significant number of Mariupol residents left Russia and then third countries through the occupied Crimea and were unable to evacuate to Ukrainian-controlled territory due to the aggressor’s criminal actions.

Thus, the inhabitants of the peninsula, including the Russian colonizers, have a “first-hand” clear idea of the mass crimes of the Russian occupiers in Mariupol, measured in tens of thousands of people

Currently, the Ukrainian authorities report that in Mariupol, the Russian aggressor killed twice as many civilians as the Nazis during World War II.

Against this background, among the Russian colonizers of Crimea, panic spreads due to the expectation of deoccupation of the peninsula and hostilities on its territory.

These colonizers understand the illegality of their residence in the Crimea and the fact that the local population has no motivation to hide them from the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Also a significant number of families of marines of the Black Sea Fleet live on the peninsula, directly involved in the killings of thousands of Mariupol, many of whom are now “demobilized” from the aggressor’s hospitals with serious wounds.

In these conditions, the number of people wishing to leave the peninsula urgently due to the “bad climate”, “high prices” and “longing for a small homeland” is gradually growing.

It is predicted that such sentiments among Russian colonizers, collaborators and war criminals will only intensify.