Currently, a significant part of the population of Sevastopol, including Russian colonizers, is well aware of the potential risks to the city’s military infrastructure in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

The recent attempt by so-called “governor” Mikhail Razvozhayev to “disprove” the possible risks in a special interview was highly skeptical by viewers, especially those with some military and naval knowledge.

In these circumstances, residents paid special attention to the announced plans of the occupiers to transfer part of the city’s infrastructure, a number of enterprises of the Black Sea Fleet and the South Bay under “civil development”.

The criminal statements of Crimean collaborators Ruslan Balbek and Serhey Aksyonov about the need to hold a “parade of Ukrainian prisoners of war” “on Victory Day”, particularly in Sevastopol, also received special negative attention.

It is noteworthy that even Russian colonizers and collaborators declare “risks of retaliation” and state the presence of a significant number of captured aggressor’s military men in Ukraine’s powers, including the “Sevastopol” 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet.

A video of dozens of recent graves of the aggressor’s soldiers in one of Sevastopol’s cemeteries was recently posted on social media, which certainly does not give “optimism” to either collaborators or colonizers.