The obvious “fantastic successes” of the “second stage” of Russia’s broad aggression against Ukraine are forcing the aggressor to invent at least some “achievements” in the framework of the approaching “sacred” date of May 9.

Therefore, so far, in addition to announcing the criminal introduction of the so-called “ruble zone” in the occupied territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, the occupiers have stated that the so-called “International Settlement Bank” will enter the Ukrainian territories illegally.

Earlier in 2018, the occupiers introduced the same “financial model” with the same bank in the Russia-occupied districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

It is noteworthy that the “International Settlement Bank” is quite fake. It was once registered in Russia, but after its structures were established in the occupied territories of Ukraine in the spring of 2019, apparently to avoid sanctions against itself, the Russian Central Bank “revoked its license”.

Therefore, the bank was “re-registered” from an apartment in Shcherbinki, Moscow, to Russian-occupied Tskhinvali, to the fake “jurisdiction of South Ossetia”. It was there that the funds of other, “white” Russian banks were illegally transferred to the “grey” “ISB” and from there to the Russia-occupied Donbas and back.

The fictitiousness of the “ISB” is underlined by its name, which in the English version is almost identical to a reputable international institution – the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, so “ISB” mimics this structure, which is apparently controlled by Russian intelligence.

At the same time, the Russian aggressor built in the criminal “republics of Donbass” a clon from his own financial system in the form of fake “central banks” and “treasuries”, whose “funds” in the form of “cash and non-cash” ruble, are operated by “ISB”.

However, the occupiers did not create any fake structures in this sphere either in Kherson or in Melitopol. Therefore, the activities of the “ISB” will be carried out in the occupied South of Ukraine in a mode that will maximize the “disappearance”, ie – in the pockets of Russian intelligence, many billions that the occupiers expect to pump out of the local population.

Against the background of this large-scale financial scam, the enter of the Russia’s “VTB” Bank to the occupied Crimea in a form of the “merger” of the “Crimean” occupiers’ bank “RNKB” announced by the Russia’s higher authorities in May, 2022, looks rather “sluggish”.

However, we have previously covered a similar scam with the “merger” of another “Crimean bank”, namely the Russia-controlled “Genbank”, which was also benefited by occupier’s “officials”.

It can be expected that “VTB”, which is under US and European sanctions and disconnected from SWIFT, will be able in the near future to operate exclusively in Russia and in the territories temporarily occupied by it.