The systemic economic, logistical and financial crisis of the occupied Crimea, caused by large-scale aggression against Ukraine, certainly did not become a key topic of the Russian occupiers’ propaganda.

At the same time, even the local “official publications” are already forced to reflect the sad state of affairs “through the teeth”, and this is accompanied by key collaborators’ persistent demands to the “federal center” of emergency financial assistance.

For example, the fake “speaker of the State Council” of Crimea Konstantinov visited St. Petersburg, where he tried to get “grants” and “financial support” for “children’s health resorts”. In particular, according to the collaborator, the health camps of the peninsula need at least 14 billion rubles as a “minimum need”, including for “repairs” and “anti-terrorist security”.

We have already written a lot in 2021 about how skilfully collaborators steal billions of “federal funds” upon allegedly “security measures” and “contr-terroristic activites” of Crimean institutions, so Konstantinov’s appetites are not surprising. However, realizing that such a “delicacy” in the conditions of a “special military operation” could go into other bloody hands, the fake “speaker” asks for “at least” 300 “federal” million rubles “for the recovery of Crimean children”.

The fact is that in recent years the “leadership” of Crimea had a steady deal with the authorities of the Russian regions to “rehabilitate” local children at the expense of the budget, when huge funds for their transportation, food and treatment disappeared “into the air”.

For now, the former developer-swindler Konstantinov will not be able to physically organize such an attractive corruption scheme with Russian children. After all, it is clear that illegal flights to Crimea, where tens of thousands of these children were allegedly transported to the peninsula, will not be guaranteed in the summer of 2022 due to the failure of Russian aggression and the front line near Perekop; and you will not bring anyone from Chukotka and Taimyr to the Crimea en masse other than by plane.

Therefore, the collaborators want to write off at least some funds for the fictitious “rehabilitation” of the Crimean children at their actual place of residence.

A similar semi-anecdotal situation has developed with the Russia-controlled Simferopol plant “Pneumatics”, whose managers boast of the alleged demand for their products by Crimean and Russian businesses since the spring of 2022 under sanctions and “import substitution”.

But at the same time, the same “director” of the plant immediately asks the “authorities” for 100 million rubles for the purchase of equipment, instead of “obsolete”, namely – lathes, milling and laser machines and thermal furnaces.

And the point here is not that no one in business wants to give credit to such “successful Crimean enterprise”. In fact, it is very interesting where, under the conditions of total sanctions, the “director” is going to get machines, which, of course, are not produced in Russia and in Crimea also.

However, there is information, that the Russian invaders are currently urgently looking for appropriate European equipment at the factories seized by the aggressor in Kherson and Melitopol, in order to dismantle it and kidnap it into the Crimea.