Currently, the occupied Crimea takes a key place in the aggressor’s logistics in at least three dimensions. The occupiers provide supplies through the peninsula to their military groups, operating in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

The aggressor also made Crimea a place of transshipment of property and resources looted in mainland Ukraine. In addition, the occupiers seek not to interrupt the further criminal Russian colonization of the peninsula and imitate its “recreational potential”.

However, in these areas, the aggressor faces a series of failures. Currently, the plundered agricultural resources of Kherson region are being exported, first of all last year’s harvest and covered soil made before the occupation.

In the same way, military convoys export grain to the Crimea from Melitopol. At the same time, the occupiers’ repression against farmers and the “redistribution” of the region’s land are projected to reduce the harvest in the near future.

In addition, the occupiers cannot provide the required number of agricultural machinery with fuel or spare parts, they have problems with sowing material. Therefore, they have to plunder and export to the Crimea any found valuables, for example – the collection of the Melitopol Museum of Local Lore.

At the same time, it is reported that on April 28, near Akimivka, Ukrainian guerrillas blew up a railway bridge on the main branch of the occupiers, Dzhankoi-Melitopol. This railway direction is key in the criminal plans of the aggressor to make a “land corridor” to the Crimea, respectively, through Volnovakha or through Pavlograd.

Against this background, and given the failure of the Russian aggressor’s attacks on the “Pavlograd arc”, the announcement of the launch of a bus service between Minsk and Yalta on May 1 looks tragicomic. Such an illegal trip, according to Russian propagandists, will last at least 38 hours.

To distract the Russians from the situation when Crimea, so pathetically occupied eight years ago, becomes a “suitcase without a handle”, the occupiers’ propaganda reports that “a former Ukrainian Marine was detained in Simferopol”. It is also reported that the fake “head of the Crimea” visited the Krasnoperekopsk district, which suffers the most from the mass deployment of Russian troops, their rear and evacuation services.