Over the past two years, we have written extensively about the stagnation of Crimean sea fishing and on the criminal schemes that have been introduced in the fishing and canning industries of the occupied peninsula involving the Russian and Belarusian mafias controlled by the aggressor’s intelligence services.

At present, Russian aggression has put the industry in brackets, as the invaders have completely banned “Crimean” fishing vessels from entering the Black and Azov Seas since the end of February 2022.

Now the de facto destruction of the region’s fishing industry and the apparent prolongation of the Russia’s so-called “brilliant special operation against Ukrainian nationalists” are forcing the occupiers to react publicly to the situation.

Therefore, the aggressor-controlled media said that the closure of fishing areas “causes irreparable damage to the economy of fishing enterprises” and even “may affect the food security of the country”. Of course, the press, controlled by the occupiers, does not think about the real causes of such a crisis, caused solely by Russian aggression.

Characteristically, the occupiers pathetically announced “government aid” to 63 structures of Crimean fishermen, which amounts to “as much as” 12.2 million rubles, and will be aimed at allegedly “repaying the debt of enterprises on taxes and wages”.

Thus, even if these funds are not stolen by the occupiers, each company, controlled by the Russian invaders, will receive as “compensation” “as much as” 200 thousand rubles, ie – several thousand rubles for each fisherman.

It will be recalled that the cost of one Russia’s “Caliber” missile, which aggressor uses criminally against mainland of Ukraine from the blocked Black Sea, is about a million dollars, which is almost ten times more than the “compensation”, promised to Crimean fishermen.